Godhead Machinery – „Monotheistic Enslavement“

Godhead Machinery wurde 2014 von Kail Karlsson (ehemals Mitglied der schwedischen Black Metal-Band Misericordia) gegründet. Nach den beiden renommierten Black/Death-Alben „Ouroboros“ und „Aligned to the Grid“ werden die Schweden am 26. November 2021 ihr brandneues Album mit dem Titel Monotheistic Enslavement über Black Lion Records veröffentlichen. … Continue readingGodhead Machinery – „Monotheistic Enslavement“

Kail – Godhead Machinery – Interview

I started this as a solo project but created a band of it when the interest grew after the first album “Ouroboros” were released. We live in different parts of Sweden so our gatherings often get pretty intense when we finally meet but all of us has previously played in different extreme constellations so we know how to use or time as effective and wisely as possible when we work together. … Continue readingKail – Godhead Machinery – Interview

„Daemonicus im Interview“

DAEMONICUS burst into the extreme and death metal scene in 2006, with several demo EPs and two highly acclaimed full length records to date, the four- piece also took the stages by storm and toured with acts such as Christ Agony and Groteskh. Several line- up changes may have hit the band hard, but did not stop founding members PO Wester and Jörgen Persson to continously writing song material. … Continue reading„Daemonicus im Interview“