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Am 03.12.21 ist mit „Atmosphere“ das neue Album der Symphonic Metal Band „Coronatus“ erschienen. Die sehr naturverbundene Band widmete sich auch in diesem, ihrem zehnten, Album Mutter Natur, genauer den atmosphärischen Phänomenen und mit Vorgängen, die damit zusammenhängen. Zum Beispiel das Wetter, das oft auch eine besondere Stimmung oder ähnliches widerspiegelt. Heute darf ich euch mein Interview mit dem Bassisten Mark Knaus und mit Drummer Mats Kurth präsentieren.

Band: Coronatus
Album: Atmosphere
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Release: 03.12.2021


Tobi – Metal and Me
Mark & Mats “ – Coronatus

How are you and your Bandmates doing? 😊

Mark: thanks, fine so far.

Please introduce yourself and your Mates from Coronatus to me and my Followers, to know you a littlebit better! How about your Line-Up? Who is who and who is new @ Coronatus and on your 10th Album Atmosphere?

Mark: I am the bassplayer. I`m in music for more than 30 years and I´,m happy and proud to join forces with Mats and Coronatus on the 10th album “Atmosphere”.

Mats: I’m the drummer and songwriter and the last founding member of Coronatus. Kristina, my wife, plays the violin and “Atmosphere” is the 3rd album she recorded with the band. Thus she is a steady member since more than five years. Leni Eitrich sings the mezzo soprano parts for the first time on a Coronatus recording. However, the was live on stage with us several times, already. She has a Bachelor of Arts and is just about to finish her Master of Arts. She is also a vocal teacher since many years. Besides Mark, other new members in this line up are Moni (rock voice) and Axel (Guitars). Moni is a professional vocal teacher in our area as well. Axel played many years in many bands, in former times often in punk bands, but he always loved the symphonic metal as well, i.e. Epica.and others.

Where does your band name „Coronatus“ come from?

Mats: George, a good friend of mine and the other founding member of the band, suggested this name. This was back in 1999. It is Latin and means something like “the crowned one”. The name was chosen due to the lyrics George created in that time, dealing mostly with religious and related topics.

Both singers – Leni and Moni – are from different backgrounds and are expected to carry on the tradition. Have they been able to quickly come to terms with each other?

Mats: The distribution and arrangement of soprano and rock vocals were already settled when I finished the songwriting. Of course, in studio, we had to adopt some few parts from time to time. Thus, the role distribution was quite clear for both of them right from the start. Of course both have a completely different musical background. Moni is very experienced in Rock’n’Roll of the 50s and 60s. Leni, however, is mostly concerned with classical music.

Are you nervous/excited so close to release day?

Mark: Both lol, it`s a long time ago to be of such a release 😉

In which Formats will „Atmosphere“ come to us Metalheads?

Mats: The album will be released as a 2CD Digipak.

What can Metalheads expect from your Album „Atmosphere“?

Mats: An extremely wide range of musical facets! Sympho-Metal & Folk-Metal are the main ingredients of course. However, we have some more exotic sprinkles mixed under this mélange as well. Let yourself be surprised!

If you read the comments to „Time Of The Raven“ on Youtube, which is the first single release, you will find a lot of criticism about the new composition of Coronatus. How did you as a band take the criticism?

Mark: Art can and must always be viewed differently and thus we must also be able to deal with criticism. I like it anyway 😉

Mats: Coronatus was always very polarizing. This is not new for us. There are also very fine comments about our music! Most of the critical comments complain more about the line-up concerning the vocal section than about the music. However, I have the impression, that some of the guys criticizing this point, did not even listen to the complete song. For example, the mezzo soprano of Leni appears from minute 3 on in a very calm and atmospheric part. But I think, some of those guys turned the music off already before this point and they concluded, that there is no soprano with Coronatus anymore, on the whole album! This is nonsense! In our next single which will be released soon, both singers appear right from the start. The duality between the two female voices is our brand and we will never let it go! However, the distribution should be allowed to vary!

Can you tell me one short fact about each song?

„Intro“ Mats: Well done by Dennis, our master of orchestra.

„Justice In The Sky“ Mats: Deals with the injustice and lies in our society in contrast to the pureness and clarity of nature.

„To The Gods Of Wind & Sun“ Mats: This one is about the folk of the Sami and their religion in the Scandinavian countries.

„Firedance“ Mats: A song about the Beltaine feast. A musical experiment: Rammstein meats Bob Marley at the opera!

„The Distance Mats“: The ballade on this album! About the yearning for the distance and wanderlust etc. Great feelings!

„Williwaw (A Musical Tribute To Nightwish)“ Mats: Lyrics tell about a kind of atmospheric phenomenon, a certain dangerous downwind at many coasts. Composed in the typical Nightwish manner, which are my very heroes in symphonic metal! Will be our 2nd video single.


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CORONATUS – Williwaw (Official Video)

„Time Of The Raven“ Mats: A folk-metal tune with medieval influences. Our first video single. The raven represents wisdom in nordic myths, i.e. the two ravens of Odin; but they are also feared as the bringer of evil and disaster.

„The Swarm“ Mats: A story in the way of the X-files about a UFO sighting! Musically a folk-metal tune at 190 bpm.

„Keeper Of Souls“ Mats: Again a tune about a bird: the white dove, which will carry the soul of the deceased towards their destination beyond our universe.

„Big City Life“ Mats: It’s a blues in A flat major! The lyrics are about the pollution in the air of our big cities.

Thematically, you prefer nature-related topics. How concerned are you about our mother nature and how sad that not much seems to change?

Mark: Without nature we wouldnt live that much longer. Its good for the planet, plants and of course the animals. Its time to reach out for the stars. I don´t believe that we cant hold back the collapse. Sooner or later it will be upon us.

Mats: I believe, Mark is right. Actually, the climate congress in Glasgow takes place. And again, almost NOTHING is changing! Up to now, I really hoped something would! I am very disappointed, really! And along with the newest scientific findings concerning the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere our future seems to become more and more murky and dark. The last time period, so much CO2 and CH4 was contained in the atmosphere as today, was 3 MILLION YEARS ago! In that time, the sea level was 22m HIGHER than today. Check your swim suits, mates! The climate change IS happening already and it will cause a lot of suffering for the next generations. However, it is up to us, if this change will even get much worse than this already devastating prediction, or not. We should not give up the fight.

How did you as an individual experience the pandemic so far and what influences did it have on your band and the completion of the album?

Mats: Tine & myself had been ill from Covid 19 in November 2020. Fortunately, we had a mild course of the disease. However, working as a free lancing drum teacher was very complicated over this period of time. Thus, I had significant financial losses, of course. The band could not play gigs nor was any booking possible. Luckily our recording sessions took place in a period ranging from April to July, thus at a time it was allowed to do so. So we managed to finish “Atmosphere”.
What can we expect from „Coronatus“ in the near future?

Mark: I hope concerts and a few more records 😉

Do you have a fav Song on your upcoming Release?

Mark: Firedance
Mats: Williwaw

What Band or Musiscian did influenced you most in your musicial live?

Mark: Still Iron Maiden in the 80 and 90. Nowadays I listen to Djent. Periphery, Tessaract, Between the buried and me….
Mats: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Finntroll but also Meat Loaf and Jethro Tull and many others…

Will you send your tribute song to Nightwish? Or do the Finns already know about it?

Mats: lol: Maybe we should send it! Unfortunately, I do not have any contact to those guys! Would be great to have!


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CORONATUS – Time Of The Raven (Official Video)

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

Mark: Soccer 😉
Mats: Walking in the woods 😉

If you got one wish…

Mark: To stay healthy as long as possible, and the beer should never run out and always taste 😉
Mats: the highest personal goal is to get satisfied with life in general!

A few words to your Listeners out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Mark: Have good moments with Atmosphere and stay tuned for more …..wo we do!!!

Thanks for the interview, Mark and Mats from Coronatus. Many greetings to all from the Band. Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and be safe!

Das war mein Interview mit Mark und Mats von Coronatus! Dankeschön an euch, dass ihr die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet habt. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Ich hoffe, dass ich euch mal live erleben und auch euer nächstes Album unter die Lupe nehmen darf. Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin einen guten Rutsch und ein tolles 2022. Bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Tracks „Atmosphere“:

CD 1

01. Intro || 1:43 Minuten
02. Justice In The Sky || 4:30 Minuten
03. To The Gods Of Wind & Sun || 3:59 Minuten
04. Firedance || 4:47 Minuten
05. The Distance || 5:46 Minuten
06. Williwaw (A Musical Tribute To Nightwish) || 4:31 Minuten
07. Time Of The Raven || 5:01 Minuten
08. The Swarm || 3:52 Minuten
09. Keeper Of Souls || 3:55 Minuten
10. Big City Life || 4:00 Minuten

CD 2 – instrumental

01. Intro || 4:00 Minuten
02. Justice In The Sky
03. To The Gods Of Wind & Sun
04. Firedance
05. The Distance
06. Williwaw (A Musical Tribute To Nightwish)
07. Time Of The Raven
08. The Swarm
09. Keeper Of Souls
10. Big City Life

Coronatus Bandphoto | Copyright Teddy Nadj

Album Line-Up

Moni Francis | Gesang
Leni Eitrich | Gesang
Axel Grill | Gitarre
Mark Knaus | Bass
Kristina Jülich | Violine
Mats Kurth | Drums


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2008 • Porta Obscura
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2011 • Terra Incognita
2013 • Recreatio Carminis
2014 • Cantus Lucidus
2015 • Raben Im Herz
2017 • Secrets Of Nature
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2021 • Atmosphere