Dani – Hitten – Interview


Album: Triumph & Tragedy
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: High Roller Records
Release: 26.11.2021

2011 wurde HITTEN in Murcia, einer Stadt im Südosten Spaniens (nahe Alicante) gegründet. Im selben Jahr erschien ihr erste Demo „Darkness Queen“. Zwei EPs sowie das vollständige Album „First Strike With The Devil“ (2014) folgten, bevor HITTEN für die Vinyl-Veröffentlichung ihres Zweitlings „State Of Shock“ einen Vertrag mit High Roller Records unterzeichneten. 2016 folgte „State Of Shock“, dass als klare Erstling angesehen werden kann. In Zeitraum zwischen „State Of Shock“ und dem nächsten Album „Twist Of Fate“ (2018) hielt für die Spanier absolvierte Sänger Aitor seinen allerletzten Auftritt mit der Band, doch in Person von Alexx Panza stand sofort Ersatz parat.

Und jener Alexx Panza wirkt auf dem brandneuen HITTEN-Album „Triumph And Tragedy“ mit und möche zeigen, was in ihm steckt. Er erzählt: „Triumph And Tragedy“ wurde im Sommer 2020 aufgenommen. Ein bisschen hier und ein bisschen da. Bass und Gitarre wurden in Spanien mitgeschnitten, die Vocals dagegen in Italien (wo ich lebe). Die Drums stammen aus den Niederlanden, wo Marco Prij uns ausgeholfen hat, Schlagzeuger der Thrash-Metal-Band Cryptosis und ein guter Freund von HITTEN (nachdem sich unser alter Drummer von uns verabschiedet hat).”

Hier mein Interview mit Dani für euch!

Tobi – Dani

An important question at the beginning: How are you and your bandmates?

Hello! We all are doing fine, thanks. I hope you too. 

Please introduce yourself and your Mates form Hitten to me and my Followers 😊! 

I am Dani lead guitar of the Hard n’ Heavy band Hitten. We are a five piece band from Spain. We were formed back in 2011. We have four albums out in the market.

What can we expect from your upcoming Album „Triumph and Tragedy“?

It is simple. You can expect 10 songs full of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal vibes. High quality guaranteed. 

When you compare „Triumph and Tragedy“ with your last release, is different, expect the Band-Setup?

With “Twist of Fate” we started implementing our beloved Hard Rock sound into Hitten’s Heavy Metal. Hard’n’Heavy that’s how we like to call it.

And here we are with “Triumph & Tragedy”, you still have the fast bass drum rides, the Hitten’s shreddy harmonized twin guitars, but the Hard Rock vibe is stronger than ever. It’s Hard, It’s Heavy, It’s Hard’n’Heavy. 

How did it happen, that you had this fast a new singer? 

This is funny. Johnny and I were having lunch together after spending the whole morning in the studio together working already on ‘Twist Of Fate’. I was on the couch after eating, taking a look on Facebook on the phone. I was scrolling and then pum! I see Alexx on stage with a Glenn Hughes tribute band singing ‘Mistreated’. I was speechless, like totally freaking out. At that moment I remember that I already saw him singing one song when he played with his previous band in my hometown. And it was really good but this was another thing. Even Johnny looked at me worried, asking what happened because of my face, you know. I showed him the video and he loved it. We ended up writing Alexx a message and the rest is history.  

Did Alexx brought some new influences to „Hitten“?


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HITTEN – Something To Hide (Official Music Video)

Of course. A singer is probably the most characteristic thing on a band. The cool thing we all have a similar music taste. This make things way easier. 

Your Singles so far are „Eyes Never Lie“ „Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer)“ and „Ride Out the Storm“! Are there more singles to come?

Recently we released the power ballad ‘Something To Hide’ and there is one more to come. 

Can you please tell me a little about each Song in one sentence?

01. Built to Rock – Shred!

02. Eyes Never Lie – Feeling 

03. Meant to Be Mean – Sunset Street 

04. Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer) – Hot 

05. Ride Out the Storm – Shred pt 2 

06. Core of the Flame – Epic 

07. Under Your Spell – mysterious woman

08. Light Beyond the Darkness – lose a friend

09. Something to Hide – gender violence 

10. Triumph & Tragedy – Life and choices. 

Do you have a fav Song on „TaT“?

Probably since we are releasing 5 singles I would chose any of the remaining ones. Probably Under Your Spell or Meant to be mean.

What can we expect from „Hitten“ in the near future?

We are working closing some gigs for the next year and present the new album properly. Also we are thinking already about a new album for 2023. 


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HITTEN – Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer) | Official Music Video

How about playing live? Are there any plans to play across Europe?

Yes, as I said before we are working on it. We are already confirmed in some festival like for example Rock Imperium in Spain together with such a big names like Scorpions, Whitesnake or Europe. 

In which Formats will „Triumph and Tragedy“ come to us Metalheads?

CD, Vinyl and Digital for the moment. Maybe in tape in the future too. 

How do you relax in this, to be honest, hard an strange times?

Well actually I think we live really relaxed. Life has ben simplified to go from work to home. Slowly we are going back to normality but well actually is still like that: work-home, home-work. It is strange, indeed. 

What was the best Album released in 2021 so far in your opinion? – except yours!

There are a lot of great records. But Im gonna say ‘Seven Sister – Shadow of a fallen star pt1’ since I am listening it a lot since they released it few weeks ago. 

What Band or Musiscian did influenced you most in your musicial live?

There are a lot of musicians that have influenced me. From Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield to Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Gorge Lynch, Yngwie… a lot of them. 

Which Album was your first Metal Album bought of your own money, and why?

It was from a Spanish band called ‘Mago de Oz’. I was a child and a friend showed me this band. I really liked what I was listening to. So after the summer I went to a big Cd store and bought the record.  Oh man.. those summer days when you are a child. Such a great memories. 

If you got one wish…

Live doing what I love which is play and compose music. 

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Germany! We love to play there. Stay safe guys and get ready cause the Hittenmania will be running wild on you next year! 

Thanks for the interview, Dani from Hitten . Many greetings to all from the Band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and be safe!

Thanks Tobias. It’s been a pleasure to answer all these questions. Stay safe you too and ROCK ON!

Tracks „Triumph & Tragedy“:

01. „Built to Rock“ || 3:31 Minuten
02. „Eyes Never Lie“ || 4:01 Minuten
03. „Meant to Be Mean“ || 3:52 Minuten
04. „Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer)“ || 3:54 Minuten
05. „Ride Out the Storm“ || 3:19 Minuten
06. „Core of the Flame“ || 4:47 Minuten
07. „Under Your Spell“ || 4:41 Minuten
08. „Light Beyond the Darkness“ || 4:35 Minuten
09. „Something to Hide“ || 3:34 Minuten
10. „Triumph & Agony“ || 11:11 Minuten


HITTEN Bandphoto | Quelle SureShotWorx Presseinfo


Alexx Panza | Vocals
Dani Meseguer | Guitars
Johnny Lorca | Guitar
Satan | Bass
Marco Prij | Drums


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HITTEN – Ride Out The Storm (Official Music Video)

Das war mein Interview mit Dani von Hitten. Dankeschön, dass du vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet hast. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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