Lord Klauf – Morgul Blade – Interview

Band: Morgul Blade
Album: Fell Sorcery Abounds
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: No Remorse Records
Release: 26.11.2021


„No Remorse Records“ ist mit der Zeit eines meiner favorisierten Labels geworden. Die Griechen haben dermaßen viele hochkarätigen Bands gezeichnet und es scheint kein Ende zu nehmen. Jetzt präsentiert das Label stolz das Debütalbum von Morgul Blade! Morgul Blade ist ein Quartett aus Philadelphia, PA, USA, die traditionellen und epischen Heavy Metal mit einer Anspielung auf Black Metal der „Second Wave“ kombiniert. Als Songthemen dienen u.a. die Geschichten von J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth oder auch Folklore. Das geniale Albumcover stammt aus der Feder von Wyrmwalk (Iron Age, Celestial Sanctuary). Hier ist mein Interview mit Lord Klauf für euch!

Tobi – Lord Klauf

Please introduce yourself and your Mates from Morgul Blade to me and my Followers, to know you a littlebit better! 

Im lord Klauf, and am the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist for morgue blade, I also write most of the songs.

Are you nervous/excited so close to Releaseday?

Just beyond excited for it to come out. Its been a long and strange journey and some of these songs are about 4 years old at this point.

What can Metalheads expect from your Album „Fell Sorcery Abounds“?

Dedication to the old school whilst offering some fresh interpretations on the genres we all love and hold dear.

Who has recorded, mastered and mixed the Debutalbum?

Our drummer, Spectre, recorded produced, mixed and Mastered it at his private studio in south philadelphia.

Did you have any influence on the cover of Fell Sorcery Abounds?

I don’t like to tell artists too much about what I expect from their work. I basically chose wyrmwalk because I was a fan of his style. He did not disappoint. I told him I wanted Magickal and Evil, I think he succeeded.

Can you tell me one short fact about each song?

01. He Who Sits Upon the Black Throne of Angmar / The Morgul Blade 

This song is a non-canon Tolkien story discussing some poor schlub who gets knifed by the Morgul Blade, and is not as lucky as Frodo and ends up turning into a wraith.

02. A Last Waltz of Gevaudan

This song is based off a series of werewolf sightings in southern France from 1763-1766


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MORGUL BLADE – A Last Waltz of Gevaudan (Official Video)

03. In the Grip of the Dark Lord

I took aesthetic inspiration from the old Irish folk tune “the foggy dew” which discusses soldiers going to fight a battle they know they can’t win.

04. Sons of the Night

This song is actually my old bands that I recycled into a morgul blade song

05. Oak in the Mist

This song was written by our other guitarist, Jep, and its probably going on about 12 years old.

06. The Five Will Ride at Dawn

This was the very first Morgul Blade song ever written

07. The Beacons Must Be Lit!

This is a reimagining of the beacons of Gondor being lit, with detail being shown when in the books it isn’t covered.

8. Blood Has Been Spilled This Night

This was composed by our friend who is not in the band

09. Fell Sorcery Abounds

We wrote this song one week before we went into record the album.

Morgul Blade | Copyright Dante Torrieri

Are you all fans of fantasy, folklore and history? How do you work out the lyrics?

Many bands that play traditional heavy metal sing about heroes who slay dragons. You, for example, about the Warlock of Angmar or the Beast of Gevaudan.

Why did you choose the dark side of the force? How much modernity is there in your new album?

I just think that “evil” true metal is something that is completely overlooked in the genre. I feel like incorporating this aspect gives a bit of uniqueness to our concept.

Do you have a favorite villain?

The witch king of Angmar. There’s nothing ore sinister than he.

How do you like the song to the Beast of Gevaudan by Powerwolf? How do you like the song to the Beast of Gevaudan by Powerwolf? I like both your interpretation and that of the wolves from Saarbrücken.

Wow to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know it existed! I need to check it out.

Would a concept album be conceivable? There are enough inspirations. The universe of „The Lord of the Rings“ alone is huge. Maybe also about the universe „The Witcher“ is set in – you see, I’m a nerd *laughs

Yes the follow up to our debut will be a fully realised concept within middle earth, it is about halfway written and will likely be recorded in the next 7 or 8 months.

How did you as an individual experience the pandemic so far and what influences did it have on your band and the completion of the album?

Well id assume the same as everyone else in not being able to practice or play live shows, we also had to record sporadically at best.

Your Bandname „Morgul Blade“ – who had the Idea for it and said „Hey let`s call us Morgul Blade“?

I did, I wanted something that was epic but also fell into the “evil” side of the Tolkien Lexicon

What can we expect from „Morgul Blade“ in the near future? 

Shows, tours, March, and soon a follow up album.

Do you have a fav Song on your upcoming Release? 

My favorite is the title song.


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MORGUL BLADE – He Who Sits Upon the Black Throne of Angmar / The Morgul Blade (Official Audio)

In which Formats will „Fell Sorcery Abounds“ come to us Metalheads?

Vinyl, CD, Digital, and I wOuld love to do a tape run, but we will see about that.

What Band or Musiscian did influenced you most in your musicial live?

Tough to pick just one so ill pick 2. Quorthon based on atmosphere crafting and Phil Lynott because he’s just the best. 

Do you have a band you are a fan of? Which bands from Germany do you like?

In my opinion Germany has one of the best metal scenes on earth, both historically, and currently. Halloween, Blind Guardian, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, and whetstone are all 80s bands that I love from Deustchland, but nowadays, Im listening to German bands like Hexenbrett, Cherokee, Lunar Shadow, and Atlantean Kodex. Of course there’s more too, probably too many to name if I’m being honest.

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

I watch an absurd amount of NFL football, and am huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. I also watch a lot of English premier league and Bundesliga (Freiburg supporter.)

I love to cook, and spend time with my Fiancé my family, and my kitty cats. I also love beer, in particular, the excellent lagerbiers that your country so expertly and arcanely brews. For those in southwest Deustchland, please try the pilsner bier “Rothaus” it changed my life.

If you got one wish…

If I had one wish I would only want to be able to play my music and write my music into infinity and have a house in the middle of nowhere, where I grow my own vegetables, and meat, a small simple quiet life where I never need to go wanting is all I need.

A few words to your Listeners out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Thanks for undertaking this long and strange journey with us and we hope you will love the album!

Thanks for the interview, Lord Klauf from Morgul Blade. Many greetings to all from the Band. Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and be safe!

Tracks „Fell Sorcery Abounds“:

01. He Who Sits Upon the Black Throne of Angmar / The Morgul Blade || 4:30 Minuten
02. A Last Waltz of Gevaudan || 4:24 Minuten
03. In the Grip of the Dark Lord || 5:38 Minuten
04. Sons of the Night || 2:37 Minuten
05. Oak in the Mist || 2:35 Minuten
06. The Five Will Ride at Dawn || 5:17 Minuten
07. The Beacons Must Be Lit! || 4:39 Minuten
08. Blood Has Been Spilled This Night || 2:22 Minuten
09. Fell Sorcery Abounds || 6:09 Minuten


Morgul Blade | Copyright Dante Torrieri


Klauf | Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Jep | Lead Guitar, Synth
Dan JP | Vocals, Bass
Will Spectre | Drums, Synth

Das war mein Interview mit Lord Klauf von Morgul Blade. Dankeschön, dass du vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet hast. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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