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George Purves ist ein sehr talentierter Mensch. Als langjähriger Musiker hat er sich entschlossen, eine Rock/Metal-Oper selbst zu komponieren und aufzunehmen. In 23 Kapiteln schafft er es, eine Gruselgeschichte zu erzählen, die sich an Halloween abspielt. Musikalisch hat er es geschafft, die Stimmung jedes kleinen Kapitels hervorragend einzufangen und textlich zeigt er uns, dass er ein talentierter Geschichtenerzähler ist. Am 19.11.21 kommt über Petrichor sein neues Album und heute habe ich ein Interview mit ihm – für euch!

Band: Green Claws
Album: Hell Is For Hugo
Genre: Punk, Heavy Metal, britischer Rock
Label: Petrichor
Release: 19.11.2021


Tobi – George

How are you?

Pretty good thanks!

How about your line-Up? Who is who @ Green Claws?

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Just me!

Are you nervous/excited so close to release day?

Not nervous, but definitely excited that this record is finally seeing the light of day.

Why did you decide to release the album in November and not close to Halloween in Oktober?

the original plan was to release the album on October 29th, just in time for Halloween, but there have been some unforeseen delays so it’s being released physically in November. However, the digital version was out just in time for Halloween, so that’s something.

Parts of your opera where allready released as a EP? Tell me and my follower how all the parts are fitting together please.

I recorded the album as one long piece, but decided it might be too long for people to digest in one go so I split it into manageable EP-sized chunks and started releasing them independently. After Petrichor got in touch I abandoned that idea and let them take control of the release. I’m honoured that they are
releasing it as it was intended – a double album.

About what is the story of your opera?

It’s about a teenage boy called Hugo who accidentally follows a group of demons down to Hell on Halloween night while he’s out trick-or-treating. Down there, he meets a girl called Emily who was dragged there by demons the previous Halloween, so together they try to escape the underworld, guided by an angel called Theodore.

If you have to put your album into a genre, which would it be? Or maybe a combination of a few?

Yeah, I’ve struggled with that one. To my ear, it’s basically hard rock with elements of heavy metal, pop punk, prog rock and power pop. A bit of a mishmash, really!

How about the older album and the EP, are they still buyable?

This is the first work I’ve created under the Green Claws name, so nothing is available before that. The EPs I released are just songs from this album (the same recordings) and were never released physically.

What can metalheads expect from your album „Hell Is For Hugo“?

The album has some classic metal riffs in the vein of Iron Maiden and Rammstein, and although there are a lot of poppier moments, the album gets pretty dark, especially towards the end. The longest track, ‘The Final Circle’ shows off my prog metal influences most clearly – it’s a ten-part song that clocks in at just under 10 minutes, and contains some of the heavier, doomier riffs on the album.

Your first single was „Stolen By A Demon“. Why did you chose this song as first official single and are there more singles to come?

To me this was an obvious single because it’s pretty commercial and has a hooky chorus. I also like it because it’s told from the perspective of Emily, who features heavily in the next part of the story.


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Green Claws – Stolen by a Demon

What can we expect from „Green Claws“ in the near future?

I’ve already recorded a follow-up to ‘Hell is For Hugo’, which is actually a prequel. The story takes place a year before the events of this album, and Emily is the protagonist. It’s called ‘Emily of the People’.

Do you have a fav song on your upcoming release?

Apart from ‘The Final Circle’, which I mentioned above, I’m particularly pleased with how ‘Hail Minos!’, ‘Brand Nation’ and ‘Screaming of the Trees’ came out. Irecorded ‘Brand Nation’ several times before I was happy with the arrangement, but I’m satisfied with the final result.


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Green Claws – Hail Minos!

In which formats will „Hell Is For Hugo“ come to us metalheads?

Just CD for now. I’m currently looking for a label to press this album to vinyl.

Had Covid19 bad influences on „Hell Is For Hugos“.

In terms of the writing and recording process, no. I completed everything in 2019, well before Covid hit. However, we were originally hoping for a Halloween release in 2020 but Covid definitely disrupted that idea. Thankfully Petrichor were able to find the means to release it in 2021 instead.

What is so fascinating on Halloween for you?

I think it’s great that our sanitised society allows itself to revel in evil for one night a year. Plus I’m glad that parents still allow their children to go trick-or-treating – we are overprotective of our children, as a nation, and it’s nice when we let them do something a little dangerous for once. As long as they don’t get stolen by any demons, that is!

What was the best album released in 2021 so far in your opinion? – except yours!

The albums I’ve listened to most this year are the new Between the Buried and Me, Ruins of Beverast, Revenant Marquis, King Gizzard, Vildjharta and Archspire. I’m more of an extreme metal fan than anything else…!

And what was the best Heavy Metal album released in 2021 so far in your opinion?

If we’re talking purely heavy metal, I’d go for the new Haunt.

What band or musician did influenced you most in your musicial live?

Green Claws is massively influenced by Weezer, Haunt, Puppy, Coheed and Cambria, Rammstein, Iron Maiden, and many others. But I guess the biggest musical influence in my life as a whole is probably Oasis.

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

My background is in filmmaking, and a few of my short films have won awards in the past. I’m an avid moviegoer – the weirder the better!

If you got one wish…

I want to see Hell is For Hugo (and Emily of the People) performed as a pair of rock operas. Watch this space…

A few words to your Listeners out there in Germany and all the others in the world?

Words can’t express how happy I am that this is reaching your ears. I hope you enjoy what you hear!

Thanks for the interview, George from Green Claws. Stay healthy and be safe!

Tracks „Hell Is For Hugo“:

01. „The Brick“ || 2:49 Minuten
02. „Calling All Demons“ || 2:38 Minuten
03. „Lucifer Hotel“ || 3:27 Minuten
04. „Stolen By a Demon“ || 3:14 Minuten
05. „The Scavengers“ || 2:59 Minuten
06. „This Elevator“ || 3:27 Minuten
07. „Hail Minos!“ || 3:05 Minuten
08. „Stuck in Luxury“ || 2:55 Minuten
09. „Time’s Winged Chariot“ || 3:02 Minuten
10. „Sludge“ || 2:36 Minuten
11. „Brand Nation“ || 3:19 Minuten
12. „The Saints“ || 2:55 Minuten

01. „Pay the Ferryman“ || 3:22 Minuten
02. „Screaming of the Trees“ || 3:58 Minuten
03. „The Brick (Part II)“ || 2:06 Minuten
04. „Evil and Chill“ || 3:21 Minuten
05. „Hell is For Hugo“ || 2:22 Minuten
06. „Loser Lucifer“ || 3:49 Minuten
07. „Scaredy-Cat“ || 2:36 Minuten
08. „Part of Me“ || 3:31 Minuten
09. „The Door – Hellion Rebellion“ || 4:44 Minuten
10. „The Final Circle“ || 9:51 Minuten
11. „Evil is a Human Trait“ || 3:03 Minuten

Green Claws Mastermind
George Purves…
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Das war mein Interview mit George von Green Claws. Dankeschön, dass du die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet hast. Viel Erfolg für dein Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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