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2011 debütierten die Wölfe mit ihrem gleichnamigen und verschaffte sich Gehör in der Szene. Drei Jahre danach erschien „We Rule The Night“, das noch ein Stück heavier war als das Erstlingswerk. Die Band wollte eigentlich durchstarten, doch es kam anders, denn das Leben ist kompliziert und wenig planbar. Nun haben Fans und Freunde lange auf den Release des dritten Albums von FireWölfe gewartet und am 19.11.2021 ist es endlich soweit. „Conquer All Fear“, das so lange auf sich warten ließ, erscheint! Ich konnte Nick Layton (Gitarre) für ein Interview gewinnen und präsentiere euch heute das Gespräch mit ihm. Viel Spaß!

Tobi – Nick

Band: FireWölfe
Album: Conquer All Fear
Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Limb Music
Release: 19.11.2021


First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your bandmates doing right now?

Nick: Hi Tobi, the band is doing fine. Healthy and excited about the new album.

Please introduce yourself and your Colleagues form FireWölfe to me and my Followers, to know you a little bit better! 

Nick: Sure, my name is Nick Layton and I’m a founding member of FireWölfe and guitarist. I have also played with the legendary hard rock band Q5, as well as being a solo artist and guitar teacher.

FireWölfe Bandphoto | Quelle Sure Shot Worx Presseinformation

We also have Bobby Ferkovich on bass who came into the band on our second record “We Rule The Night.” Bobby also plays in the Pamela Moore Band (ex-Queensryche) as well as Presto Ballet and a few other projects. The new members on “Conquer All Fear” are vocalist Freddy Krumins, drummer Marco Bicca and second guitarist Michael David. Freddy was the vocalist on James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising album. Michael also has played with TKO and Marco also play with Bobby in Pamela Moore’s band, as well as A Dying Planet.

Please tell me how to say and write your bandname. On different Sites there are different types of writing the Bandname. Is it FireWölfe or Firewolfe?

Nick: It is written like this: FireWölfe. You say it like this: Fire Wolf. We added the umlaut as well as the “e” at the end because we thought it looked cool 🙂 I know that the umlaut may cause some to mispronounce our name if you are from Germany for example, but we never intended that to be the case. We just like how the umlaut looks and thought it fit with our style.

Whats behind your bandname? Is there a deeper meaning in it?

Nick: No deeper meaning. We just liked the way it looked and sounded.

What can Metalheads expect from your first Album „Conquer All Fear“?

Nick: Actually, this is our third album, although this is the first one with new vocalist Freddy Krumins. I think if Metalheads like US metal similar to Fifth Angel, Dokken, Malice, and Dio they will find a lot to like here. The album is heavy but also very melodic with tons of cool guitar solos and interesting lyrical ideas.


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FIREWÖLFE – Vicious As The Viper (Official Lyric Video)

How did you fit together and startet FireWölfe?

Nick: FireWölfe was started back in 2010 by myself and guitarist Paul Kleff. We started writing songs together and eventually found vocalist David Fefolt. As the songwriting and demo recordings progressed we added drummer Jay Schellen (Asia, Yes, Hurricane). On bass we hired a friend of our named Zack Uidl from Chicago to record the tracks, but he was never officially in the band.

Your first Single was „Vicious As A Viper“ and the second one was „Pedal To Metal“! Are there more singles to come?

Nick: The second single is “Pedal To Metal” and there will be two more singles to follow, “Candle in The Dark” and “Swallow My Pride.“ 

Can you please tell me a little about each Song in one sentence?

„Vicious As The Viper“

Our first single and video. Very European sounding. Musically it reminds me of a soldier getting ready to go to war or something like that. It’s also the first song we’ve ever written with a major key chorus.

„Pedal To Metal“ 

Our second single and video. This is an uptempo adrenaline filled romp inspired by early Van Halen or David Lee Roth (“Shy Boy”).  

„Conquer All Fear“

Our epic title track. Very dark musically and lyrically, but also with a bit of hope at the end! Black Sabbath and Dio inspired musically.

„Swallow My Pride“ 

An uptempo galloping type of track with very melodic hooks.

„Candle In The Dark“

Our 3rd single. This is the ballad on the album and has a great powerful chorus hook. The lyrics are very moody and sublime. Nick used the wah wah pedal on the main solo as well as all over the track.

– The Evil Eye Trilogy: 

These next three songs are part of the “Evil Eye Trilogy“ which are loosely tied together with common themes of darkness and light, sin and redemption.

„Wages Of Sin (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 1)“ 

A very heavy track with double bass kick drums and also a nice melodic solo section.

„Black And Gold (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 2)“ 

Drop D guitar tuning on this one although we change keys after the solos. Very melodic chorus and lots of cool changes within the songs structure.

„Keep The Hounds At Bay (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 3)“

 This one has kind of a heavy triplet feel rhythmically and is a little different type of song for the band. Has a bit of an eerie quality during the verse. We really like how this one came out.

„Magic (In Your Mind)“ 

The riff and solos were inspired by Ozzy’s great guitarists such as Zakk Wylde, Jake E Lee and Randy Rhoads. Nick created the solo section with those guitarists in mind. Melodic, catchy chorus and grooving verse sections. 

„Method To The Madness“

A driving melodic tune that’s also pretty heavy. A great shredding guitar solo by Michael David.

CD only Bonustrack:

„11. Breakin’ Out“ 

The CD bonus track. It’s another uptempo, aggressive track with a bit of attitude and angst vocally and lyrically. Cool trade off guitar solos by Michael and Nick.

FireWölfe Bandphoto | Quelle Sure Shot Worx Presseinformation

What can we expect from „FireWölfe“ in the near future?

Nick: We hope to get out and play live as soon as we can safely do that!

How about playing live? Are there any plans to play across Europe?

Nick: We do have some European plans in mind but we will have to wait a bit longer to see how things go with the COVID situation. 

Do you have a fav Song on your upcoming Release?

Nick: I like them all but, but a few favorites would be ‘Candle in The Dark”, “Magic (In Your Mind), and “Black and Gold.”

In which Formats will „Conquer All Fear“ come to us Metalheads?

Nick: CD and all the usual digital formats. We’d love to see vinyl too at some point.

Is Heavy Metal and the Subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to Pause and just listen? Do you listen to other music as well?

Nick: Yes, I listen to other music all the time. Sometimes for inspiration, sometimes to study and other times to kick back and relax.

What was the best Album released in 2021 so far in your opinion? – except yours!

Nick: I have not bought much new music this year. But I really liked the new Helloween and Alcatrazz records!

And what was the best Heavy Metal Album released in 2021 so far in your opinion?

Nick: I still have not heard the new Iron Maiden and U.D.O. albums, but I’ll have to give it to Alcatrazz V.

What Band or Musiscian did influenced you most in your musicial live?

Nick: Vinnie Moore, John Sykes, Yngwie Malmsteen,  Michael Schenker, early Queensryche, Savatage, Dokken and many others!

Which Album was your first Metal Album bought of your own money, and why?

Nick: I think it was Dokken’s Back For The Attack. A great purchase!

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

Nick: Running/walking outside, working out at gym, reading books, watching sports.

If you got one wish…

Nick: Bring peace, healing and joy to all the suffering and hurting people and animals in the world.

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Nick: We want to properly meet our German and European fans by playing live for you as soon as possible! In the meantime we hope everyone all over the world will enjoy the new album “Conquer All Fear.”

Thanks for the interview, Nick from FireWölfe . Many greetings to all from the Band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and be safe!

Nick: Thanks for the interview Tobias! All the best to you and your readers!

Tracks „Conquer All Fear“:

01. Vicious As The Viper || 4:58 Minuten
02. Pedal To Metal || 3:30 Minuten
03. Conquer All Fear || 5:35 Minuten
04. Swallow My Pride || 4:05 Minuten
05. Candle In The Dark || 5:25 Minuten
The Evil Eye Trilogy
06. Wages Of Sin (The Evil Eye Trilogy 1) || 4:20 Minuten
07. Black And Gold (TEE Trilogy 2) || 4:24 Minuten
08. Keep The Hounds At Bay (TEE Trilogy 3) || 4:25 Minuten
09. Magic (In Your Mind) || 4:17 Minuten
10. Method To The Madness || 3:57 Minuten
CD only Bonustrack:
11. Breakin’ Out


FireWölfe Bandphoto | Quelle Sure Shot Worx Presseinformation


Michael David | Guitars
Nick Layton | Guitars
Freddy Krumins | Vocals
Bobby Ferkovich | Bass
Marco Bicca | Drums

Diskografie FireWölfe

2021 – „Conquer All Fear“
2014 – „We Rule The Night“
2011 – „FireWölfe“
Nick Layton Solo Album 2008- „Storming The Castle“

Das war mein Interview mit Nick von FireWölfe . Thank you Nick, dass du die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet hast. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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