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Timechild  kommen aus Kopenhagen in Dänemark, unserem Nachbarland und haben Heavy Rock im Gepäck. Die Gruppe wurd im Jahr 2020 von vier erfahrenen Musikern aus verschiedenen Teilen Dänemarks gegründet. Mit ihrer umfangreichen Erfahrung, die sie in einigen ehemaligen und derzeit bestehenden dänischer Rock- und Metal-Bands gesammelt haben, haben sich auch die Wege der Musiker auf dänischen und internationalen Bühnen bereits gekreuzt. Als sich die Gelegenheit ergab, beschlossen sie, ihre musikalischen Erfahrungen und Visionen zu vereinen und gründeten Timechild. Das Debütalbum wurde während der weltweiten Covid-19-Pandemie geschrieben und aufgenommen. Heute darf ich mit Anders und Birk ein Interview zum Album führen dürfen und freue mich, es euch präsentieren zu dürfen! Viel Spaß beim lesen!

Tobi – AndersBirk

Band: Timechild
Album: And Yet It Moves
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Mighty Records
Release: 12.11.2021


First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your bandmates doing right now?

We’re doing great thank you! We are in the middle of our fall tour and can’t wait to release the album in a few weeks.

Please introduce yourself and your colleagues form Timechild to me and my Followers, to know you a little bit better!

Timechild are:
Anders Folden Brink (Lead vocals – Rhythm / lead Guitar)
Birk (Lead / rhythm Guitar – Choir)
Martin Haumann (Drums)
Daniel Bach (Bass – Backing Vocals)

Timechild Bandphoto | Quelle: Sure Shot Worx Presseinfo

The band was formed in 2020 by Birk and Anders and quickly after that Daniel and Martin joined. With a past in a number of past and present danish rock and metal bands we had all previously crossed paths on both Danish and international roads and stages and when the opportunity arose, we decided to unite their musical experiences and visions and created Timechild.

What can metalheads expect from your first Album „And Yet It Moves“?

The debut album was written and recorded during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, which paralyzed the Danish and international music industry. However, this silence gave the us time to jointly develop our common sound and expression.
The vision was from the start to show how heavy rock can continue to challenge and surprise in 2021. Although the foundation for our sound universe is clearly laid by the rock giants of the past, inspiration is drawn both across time and genres. Precisely this opportunity to dive into the music history of the last many decades and through this define your own sound, is one of the greatest privileges that today’s musicians have at their disposal.


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Timechild – The Bite Of Frost (Official Video)

One can learn from the past without being backward-looking or unoriginal and one can be relevant and innovative without having to define a new genre. This same mentality applies in the our lyrics. The title of the album „And Yet It Moves“ is, according to legend, the last words that physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei said after the Vatican forced him to recant his scientific belief, that the Earth moves around the sun and not the other way around. Precisely this human search for the purpose of our own existence and struggle to elevate ourselves above the laws of nature, is a recurring theme in the album’s textual universe.

The record is produced, mixed and mastered by Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer, Thundermother, Marco Mendoza, Artillery). With his vast experience in the genre, both as a producer and musician, Søren was a natural choice when our songs were to be immortalized. The result is nine songs that broadly show the our dynamic range. From quiet, dark and melodic passages, over marching twin guitars to heavy and energetic heavy rock.

Your first Single was „Haze of the Dawn“ and the sconde one was „Where I Now Belong“! Are there more singles to come?

We have alrealdy released 5 singles:
The Bite Of Frost (Youtube only)
And Yet It Moves
This Too Will Pass
Haze Of The Dawn
Where I Now Belong


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TIMECHILD – This Too Will Pass (official video)

Can you please tell me a little about each Song in one sentence?

We generally like the listeners to form their own impressions of the song and not “explain” it to much to them. It can be hard to explain our sound and meaning behind the souns as a writer and musician. Sometimes the listeners get a totally different meaning out of a song that what was originally intended, but thats is actually very interesting to us and something that we can learn and benifit for in our song writing.

„Last Frontier“ sounds a little like Iron Maiden, right? Who is a Fan and what do you think about Senjutsu?

We are all fans of Maiden of course 🙂 We didn’t necessarily use Maiden as an inspiration for the song, but we definitely take the comparison as a compliment. We like “Senjutsu”. It may not end up as a classic Maiden album, but it is still clearly the Maiden sound andf masterfull heavy metal musicianship

Birk: In fact, the main / intro riff is inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire“!

What can we expect from „Timechild“ in the near future?

Album-release on November 12, and a lot of touring!

How about playing live? Are there any plans to play across Europe?

We are working on international dates and hopefully have some good news after New Year!

Do you have a fav song on your upcoming release?

It is always impossible to pick your favorite “child” and we think that the songs all have different things to offer. It also differs between the band members as we all originate for different parts of the rock/metal genres. But if I, Anders, had to choose, I would probably say “This Too Will Pass” and “The Bite Of Frost”.

In which Formats will „And Yet It Moves“ come to us metalheads?

Vinyl, CD, Digital and all streaming platforms.


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TIMECHILD – Where I Now Belong (lyric video)

Is Heavy Metal and the subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to pause and just listen? Do you listen to other music as well?

Definitely! We all, of course, listen to heavy metal + other rock and more extreme metal, but also a lot of other music genres such as folk and classical, which has also been an inspiration for the album.

What was the best album released in 2021 so far in your opinion? – except yours!

Birk: I actually think Greta Van Fleet’s “ The battle at gardens gate “ is one of the best albums this year. I know they get a lot of hate that they are a Zeppelin copy, but they have really evolved on this album, and are in the process of finding their own sound. Eg. a number like “ The Barbarian “

And what was the best Heavy Metal Album released in 2021 so far in your opinion?

Birk: GOJIRA! ‘’Fortitude’’ no doubt!

What band or musician did influenced you most in your musicial live?

Anders: Beatles, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica,

Birk: Sabbath, Zeppelin, Guns, Rival Sons, Uriah Heep.

Which album was your first Metal album bought of your own money, and why?

Anders: Probably not something worth mentioning 🙂 But my first “good” cd was Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”.


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TIMECHILD – Haze of the Dawn (lyric video)

Birk: Metallica: St. Anger. Around the age of 12 – 13 I started playing guitar and listening to Rock / Metal, it was the same time that the documentary “ Some Kind of Monster “ was released, so the natural choice was to buy Metallica’s latest release.

A few words to your fans out there in Germany and all the others in the world?

Our main focus when we talk concerts in Europe is to come to Germany and play, we hope it happens next year!

Thank you for the Interview, Anders and Birk from „Timechild“. Stay safe and healthy and good luck with the release of „And Yet It Moves“!

Tracks „And Yet It Moves“:

01. And Yet It Moves || 4:02 Minuten
02. This Too Will Pass || 4:23 Minuten
03. Haze Of The Dawn || 4:26 Minuten
04. Where I Now Belong || 4:06 Minuten
05. Children Of A Killing Sun || 3:42 Minuten
06. Shrapnel || 3:46  Minuten
07. Choir Of Man ||  4:14 Minuten
08. Last Frontier || 3:58 Minuten
09. The Bite Of Frost || 5:18 Minuten


Timechild Bandphoto | Quelle: Sure Shot Worx Presseinfo


Anders Folden Brink | Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Birk | Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Martin Haumann | Drums
Daniel Bach | Bass, Backing Vocals

Das war mein Interview mit Anders und Birk von Timechild. Dankeschön, dass ihr die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet habt. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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