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E-FORCE wurde 2001 in Montreal, Kanada, von Sänger/Bassist Eric Forrest nach seinem Ausstieg bei den legendären kanadischen Cyber-Metallern Voivod gegründet. Insgesamt wirkte Eric auf zwei Studio-Meisterwerken, „Negatron“ und „Phobos“, auf dem Live-Album „Voivod Lives“ und auf der Compilation: „Kronik“ mit. Als er Voivod verließ, benutzte Forrest seinenSpitznamen „E-Force“ als Namen für seine neue Band. Als Monster des Thrash bezeichnet, heben Eric Forrests vielfältige musikalische Einflüsse und seine stimmlichen Fähigkeiten. E-FORCE haben ihr Debütalbum „Evil Forces“ veröffentlicht, das von den Fans begeistert aufgenommen wurde. Kurz darauf zog Forrest nach Frankreich um, was zu einem Besetzungswechsel führte.

In den folgenden Jahren wurden drei weitere Alben veröffentlicht, die E-FORCE als eine feste Größe in der Thrash-Szene etablierten. Während der 20-jährigen Karriere der Band (Auftritte in 20 Ländern, mehr als 250 Shows und mehrere Festival Auftritte) sowie einige Gäste auf verschiedenen E-FORCE Alben (Glen Drover, Kristian Niemann, um nur einige zu nennen) um nur einige zu nennen), kehrt Eric nun mit dem Opus „Mindbender“ zurück, das 2021 auf Mighty Music erscheinen wird. „Mindbender“ wird immer noch die eingängige Ader haben, die den Stil von E-FORCE charakterisiert, aber auch langsamere Tempoparts und besondere Stimmungen, die eine Verbindung zu Erics Abenteuer als Kultmitglied von Voivod. Quelle: Presseinfo SureShotWorx

Hier ist ein Interview mit Eric! Viel Spaß beim lesen! Die Review zum Album wird demnächst folgen!

Tobi – Eric

Band: E-Force
Album: Mindbender
Genre: Technical Thrash Metal
Label: Mighty Music
Release: 19.11.2021


First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your bandmates doing right now?

Well we are very happy to finish the album, video, for the next « MINDBENDER » release 19 nov via Mighty-music records! It has taken us quite some time but finally  ready to finish the race lol  As far as this covid19 propaganda, well, we are dealing with this just like every other band I suppose you could say lol   Time will tell with regards to whats possible for touring in 2022.We are hoping something can definently work in the near future.

Please introduce yourself and your colleagues form E-Force to me and my Followers, to know you a little bit better! 

Patrick Friedrich (drums,engineer,producer) an Sebastian Chiffot(lead guitar) have been members since 2017. E-FORCE is a sci-fi thrash band that has existed since 2001, after my 7yrs and departure from VOIVOD. 5 albums, 20 countries, over 250 shows later, we are still going! Doing what is possble, releasing albums, touring to our best ability in this overpopulated market of metal lol.  is where you can go to check out E-FORCE stuff. If You are a fan of NEGATRON/PHOBOS records I did with VOIVOD, then E-FORCE is worth checking out. Its got a black/thrash n roll vibe to « MINDBENDER » fast, heavy groove and some spooky sci-fi shit going on, as well as 5 special guests on lead guitar whom Shred! If you are a fan of all that shredding stuff (lead guitar chops from hell lol)  then this is for you as well as a top level pro production ! And Killer artwork also … I think that explains what the band is about.

What can metalheads expect from your fifth Album „Mindbender“?

10 crushing metal tracks! With a special VOIVOD cover «INSECT» The best by far sounding E-FORCE albums ever! I believe it has alot to do with Patrick because not only is a relatively new, but he procuced four E-FORCE albums to this day. So his involment is even better because he is in the band. Sebastian added some really cool guitar solo s to the songs, which really fit perfectly , not to mention like i said special guests on lead guitar is covering all sides of lead guitar .. shredzilla lol! There is alot of variety going on, as not all the songs sound the same, fast, groove,trippy,heavy shit happening ! Fans can expect, when cranked at a  loud volume  its going fit there  metal party quite nice ! Trust me ! ……

When you compare „Mindbender“ with your last release, what ist he thing that „Mindbender“ does better?

Production! I know every band always say that lol But its the truth!  Listen to all 5 albums and you will see! Lol The others are great , but « MINDBENDER » kills because of what I mentioned before about Patrick s producing history. DEMONIKHOL is a great album ! But « MINDBENDER » has got some different shit going on in some ways ,its still got that E-FORCE style signature  whatever but  perhaps darker. I played rythem guitar on DEMONIKHOL and  6 of the 11 tracks on MINDBENDER ,Sebastian doing the rest of the rythem adding some really  spooky horror vibes  so his contribution is very vital to some of these tracks Patrick has that MIKKEY DEE kind of drum style which works for me !

So, despite I compose all the songs ( except  a few co-written songs, 1 with Sebastian, 1 with Patrick and insect) this is sounding more like a band because of other recording performances of the other members… It crushing and can satisfy a thristy metalhead !! lol  Just crank it LOUD!  And you will be on your way !;)

Your first single was „Provocation“ and the second one was „Traumatized“! Are there more singles to come?

Yes 22 oct the single is called « HELLUCINATION » of which we just shot a video for last week. This has a heavy groove to it in an evil type manner, catchy as fuck !  1 of the best songs from the album, in my opinion …. Although  like i said before, there is alot going on, on this album, something for everyone is many ways …… But the verse riff will be stuck in your head for days after daze lol. I have a very very goof feeling about this 1!

Can you please tell me a little about each Song in one sentence?


Has a fast black/thrash/punk vibe to it, the title says it all regarding lyrics.


black/thrash/punk vibe, also, killer guitar solo (DAN BAUNE (MONUMENT) Lyrics: Being traumatized, isolated, torture


black/heavy groove, evil as fuck ! Catchy, memorable, addictiv! Conspiracy/hypocracy/mystery


6 min. of mayhem feat. VINCENT AGAR (lead guitar) a sci-fi journey! Lyrics ; conspiracy/hypocracy/mystery

„Dark Deception“

heavy groove, dark, Killer solo by SEBASTAIN. Lyrics ; conspiracy/hypocracy/mystery  

„Futures Past“

an acoustic guitar song with fucked up shit going on, lyrics talk about illuminati, greed, nwo, manipulation


title track a bit stoner is some ways, Lyrics about conspiracy/hypocracy/mystery 


musically composed by Patrick, this one has an annilator vibe to it at 6+ minutes …. lyrics : describing the lobotomized youth, people of all ages infact.the evolution of mankind and its  stupidity !


musically composed by Sebastian is an uptempo song that displays Sebs talent, style vibe is a bit d jent at times yet rocks! really cool riffs lyrics ;  state of mind , corrupt communication  etc.


Is a fast thrasher feat : JIM MCLEAN (MORTAL ANNOYANCE) lead guitar lyrics: conspiracy/hypocrasy/mystery


is a 25yr old song that I co-wrote in VOIVOD. a classic groove:thrashy, catchy hit!  Lyrics: manipulation,mind control

E-Force Bandphoto | Quelle SureShotWorx Presseinfo

What can we expect from „E-Force“ in the near future?

19 nov the official release date for « MINDBENDER » and shortly before, the release of a vdeo for « HELLUCINATION »of which is in the editing process as I speak now . Which has a dark, scary ,horror (netflix the conjuring/the nun) vibe to it ! Just in time for helloween ! Lol

How about playing live? Are there any plans to play across Europe? 

We are in touch witht several agencys at the moment, however, we are just waiting for the release and see what is at all possible: euro tour next yr …. We are crossing our fingers like everyone else is I suppose, we will see what happens soon this nwo! Also we did a tour in 2018 E-FORCE « VOIVOD REVISITED » playing 25 shows, in 8, 9 contries which went over very well as well there is  still a demand for , but we will see with that also in the near future.

Do you have a fav song on your upcoming release?

yes, « HELLUCINATION » is a great fucking song period! I really like « PROVOCATION » also   … they are all great tracks , but thse 2 songs  are really my favorite ones, very difficult question because other days I might say another track  lol

Is Heavy Metal and the subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to Pause and just listen? Do you listen to other music as well?

Well , music is a form of escape form one degree to another for sure … All kinds of music can be theraputic  from certain types to certain occasions 100 %  composing,creating or just listening too ….Time  and place for everything, but yes, sometimes on headphones with a big joint can do wonders lol. I listen to all kinds of music, it just depends when and what .. I dont listen to metal 24/7 but certainly do when i feel the need ! Or composing ideas on the guitar  can be quite fufilling to ones brain lol

What was the best album released in 2021 so far in your opinion? – except yours!

I dont really know lol to be honest. I  am little disapointed with a few. I can tell you that ! Without mentioning any names lolI dont really keep up with whats new and listen to alot of new releases every year infact., Although, I have heard some stuff that sounds great,for sure ! I am kind of  focused on my own music, and listen to old classics when its the time and mood etc.

What band or musician did influenced you most in your musicial live?

I would have to say Steve Harris of iron maiden. From his music, lyrics, ideas, vision, leadership, chef!  The guy has got it all! Maybe not as a singer lol but you know what I mean? Very inspiring ! The TOP !  Plus, it was an honour and priviledge to support IRON MAIDEN ed hunter tour 99 in Canda playing 3 shows with them during my VOIVOD era , so from getting my fender P bass back in 85 , to have played a few shows in 99  and seen Steve (BRITISH LION) a few times in the past 5 yrs  , its dream ! Not like we are friends or anything lol not at all, Just nice that he has taken the time to say hello etc. that means alot  to me …….

Which Album was your first Metal album bought of your own money, and why?

I believe it was BLACK SABBATH « MASTER OF REALITY »  in 79,80 .. A friend from school let me hear it  and I just had to buy it, the Vinyl, the guitar tone ,Ozzy voice, the groove  just sucked me in ! That and JUDAS PRIST IRON MAIDEN/ AC/ DC/ MOTÖRHEAD etc.  I was learning, discovering at a very young age, then of course around 83, 84 everything changed lol

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

BBQ/beach / time with my girlfriend/  sex/drugs/ r n r  lol

enjoying the south of france s history, castles, shit like that .I play in a few cover bands, doing ac/dc, deep purple, zz top, hendrix, shit like that  it pays $ and is alot of fun ! And NFL FOOTBALL I still watch  REDZONE !   Love it !    And the food in the south of France !   Well, that could take a while lol 

If you got one wish…

To win the euro million last week  220 million dollars $ lol or a future euro million s$  winning ticket lol and tour the world in style!

A few words to your fans out there in Germany and all the others in the world?

I would like to thank all the fans,friends/agency s past and present ! Check out the new E-force album « MINDBENDER » You will not regret it ! for info  Hope to see all you metal mutha fucka s soon ,on tour !  Merci CHEERS E

Thanks for the interview, Eric from E-Force . Many greetings to all from the band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and be safe!

Tracks „Mindbender“:

01. Provocation || 3:42 Minuten
02. Traumatized || 4:22 Minuten
03. Hellucination || 4:58 Minuten
04. Hypnotic || 6:15 Minuten
05. Dark Deception || 3:57 Minuten
06. Futures Past || 4:02 Minuten
07. Mindbender || 5:12 Minuten
08. Dehumanized || 6:13 Minuten
09. Delirium || 3:26 Minuten
10. Deranged || 4:09 Minuten
11. Insect || 5:33 Minuten


E-Force Bandphoto | Quelle SureShotWorx Presseinfo


Eric Forrest | Vocals & Bass
Patrick Friedrich | Drums
Sébastien Chiffot | Guitars

Das war mein Interview mit Eric Forrest von E-Force. Thank you Eric, dass du die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet hast. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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