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Tower veröffentlichten 2016 ihr gleichnamiges Debütalbum und 2019 eine EP. Am 12.11.21 kehren sie mit zehn Songs die zurück die, laut der Band, voller energiegeladenem, klassischem Metal mit 70er Rock-Attitüde von den Straßen von New York City sind! Die weltweite Pandemie diente auch als Inspiration für „Shock To The System“, dem zweiten Full-Length-Album der New Yorker Classic Metaller und genau über dieses zweite Release durfte ich mit Sarabeth und James reden. Viel Spaß beim lesen des Interviews 🙂

Tobi – ZakJames

Band: Tower
Album: Shock To The System
Genre: Classic Rock/Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Release: 12.11.2021


Please introduce yourself and your Mates form Tower to me and my Followers, to know you a littlebit better! How about your Line-Up? Who is who @ Tower?

JD: Hey hey! Tower is Sarabeth Linden on vocals, Zak Penley & James Danzo on guitar, Jack Florio on bass, and James Jones on the drums.

It’s your 2nd Albumrelease. Are you nervous/excited so close to Releaseday?

JD: Excited for sure! Can’t wait for people to hear it and to get back on stage again.

Your Bandname „Tower“ – who has got the Idea for it and said „Hey let`s call us Tower“?

JD: I think it was inspired by the tarot card. We just wanted a big name for a big sound.

How about the older Album and the EP, are they still buyable?

JD: The first album is out of print, while the EP is still available in limited quantities.

ZP: The 1st album is difficult to find for sure. James and I had to buy our own CD in Germany from a limited stock to get a copy of it! We have considered a live album to get some of those songs out on an available release. 

What can Metalheads expect from your Album „Shock To The System“?

JD: Metal!! 

Your first Single was „Blood Moon“. Why did you chose this song as first Single and are there more singles to come?

JD: We thought it was the best first impression we could make. We plan to release another two singles most likely.


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TOWER – Blood Moon

About „In Dreams“. Is the Song about personal expieriences? If you don’t want to answer i understood this.

JD: Not about an actual dream, but it’s about a friend we lost in 2020. It’s a song anybody can relate to in their own life because loss is a universal experience. 

I was totally flashed as i first heard this awesome Voice of Sarabeth as i listend to Blood Moon. Man, do you have an insurance for this Gift from the Gods of Metal?

JD: Just a humidifier machine and a bottle of throat spray.

Can you please tell me a little about each Song in one sentence and how did the Pandemic inspired you?

„Blood Moon“

A vicious little tune written before the pandemic. Inspired by Acid, Motörhead, and even a little Armored Saint.

„Prince of Darkness“

Hellacious grooves! We had the music for a while, but no lyrics til early ’21.


Otherworldly horror. Another oldie we’d rehearsed with Jeff and Claire.

„Running Out of Time“

This IS the news!

„Lay Down the Law“

Tough love. This is musically the oldest song on the album.

„Hired Gun“

Nothing lasts forever so have fun doing what you do. Our tribute to Jeff, forever family!

„The Black Rose“

Even tougher love.

„On the Line“

Play with fire, burn your fingers. 

„In Dreams“

Grief and the strength to carry on.

„Powder Keg“

Repression and release. Kapowww!!


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TOWER – The Black Rose

What can we expect from „Tower“ in the near future? Will you come to Germany?

JD: You’d have to fight to keep us away!

Do you have a fav Song on your upcoming Release?

JD: „In Dreams“ stands out but I’m proud of them all.

In which Formats will „Shock To The System“ come to us Metalheads?

JD: CD and digital first, followed by vinyl in March. | I have to mark March. I wan´t this Album on Vinyl!!! 🙂

In the Pressinformation they said the Pandemic had influences on „Shock To The Systems“. What influences had Covid19 on you and your Bandmates? 

JD: The depression, the isolation, and the various situations we’ve had to deal with during and since the lockdown. The world just isn’t the same. It forced us to grow up a bit more and face our challenges in a more mature fashion.

What was the best Album released in 2021 so far in your opinion? – except yours!

JD: SENJUTSU ! ! ! ! !

And what was the best Heavy Metal Album released in 2021 so far in your opinion?

JD: SENJUTSU ! ! ! ! !

What Band or Musiscian did influenced you most in your musicial live?

JD: Maiden, Priest, & Scorpions. And Metallica I gotta admit.

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

JD: Doing interviews!

If you got one wish…

JD: I’d wish for more wishes.

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

JD: Germany we miss you! Everyone else, we can’t wait to see you!

Thanks for the interview, JD and ZP from Tower. Many greetings to all from the Band. Something that is important fo me: Stay healthy and be safe

JD: You do the same! Thanks!!

ZP: Thanks! Keep it heavy!

Tracks „Shock To The System“:

01. „Blood Moon“ || 3:12 Minuten
02. „Prince of Darkness“ || 4:22 Minuten
03. „Metatron“ || 2:44 Minuten
04. „Running Out of Time“ || 3:53 Minuten
05. „Lay Down the Law“ || 4:48 Minuten
06. „Hired Gun“ || 3:50 Minuten
07. „The Black Rose“ || 3:19 Minuten
08. „On the Line“ || 2:52 Minuten
09. „In Dreams“ || 6:57 Minuten
10. „Powder Keg“ || 2:58 Minuten


Tower Bandphoto | Copyright Dante Torrieri


Sarabeth Linden | Vocals
James Danzo | Guitar
Zak Penley | Guitar
James Jones |  Drums
*All bass on „Shock To The System“ was recorded by Jeff Filmer

Tower (2016)
Tomorrow and Yesterday EP (2019)
Shock To The System (2021)

Das war mein Interview mit JD und ZP von Tower. Dankeschön, dass ihr die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet habt. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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