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Aus Stuttgart, der Metropole des Schwabenlandes, kommen nicht nur absolut genial schmeckende Death Metal Maultaschen, sondern ebenfalls die Todesmetaller von „Helldrifter“. Dabei jonglieren sie mit Einflüssen aus Thrash und Melodic Death Metal und ist stark inspiriert von den Death-Metal-Giganten wie Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Death und At The Gates. Die lyrischen Themen der Band drehen sich hauptsächlich um Mystik, soziologische Themen, Horrorfilme und Videospiele, mit einer starken Dosis an Surrealismus. Heute habe ich mein Interview mit Benjamin für euch und wir unterhalten uns über das bald am 29.10.21 erscheinende Album „Lord Of Damnation. Meine Review lest ihr HIER!

Tobi – Benjamin

Band: Helldrifter
Album: Lord of Damnation
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Blood Blast Distribution
Release: 29.10.2021

Hello Benjamin from Helldrifter. My name is Tobi. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions from me. I run a Facebook page and a webblog. On these pages I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band introductions and reports about concerts I attend with my wheelchair. On the one hand, I want to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility, and on the other hand, how to best get tickets, as this is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals. 

In the future, I will probably also report on hygiene measures at the venue, because as a high-risk patient, I also have to pay a lot of attention to this. Of course, I will also report on the performance of the bands. Today I have a few questions for you among other things about your album „Lord Of Damnation“ which will be released on 29.10.2021.

My first question to every interviewer is always: How are you and your bandmates doing at the moment?

Thank you, I’m fine and we’re doing quite good. Trying to stay safe and sound and do the best of this situation. And of course we are really excited to release our first album

Would you like to briefly introduce yourself and „Helldrifter“ to my readers, for those who haven’t had the chance to meet you and you guys yet?

My name is Benjamin and I’m one of the two guitarists in the Band. Helldrifter was formed in 2018 by a bunch of metal heads. We all love fast and extreme metal, but don’t want to restrict our music to just one metal genre. The most important thing for us and our music is to be authentic. 

I’m also always a bit interested in the band history. How did your name come about?

The name came from our singer Billy as he mentioned: We are all drifting in our own hell every day.
So that’s what captures the name, the hell we go through in every single day of our life.

What can fans of death or thrash metal expect from „LOD“?

They can expect a diversified, hard and fast metal album with aggressive vocals and brutal riffs. It has 10 strong songs, which shows all our musical influences and made it hard for us to choose the singles out of it. 

In which formats will „Lord of Damnation“ be released? 

It will be released digital on all common platforms and on CD. 

As singles „Feed The Fire“ and „Red“ have been released (as of 01.10.). Why these two songs and will there be more singles until the release?

Feed the fire is a great rooted on the soil metal song. I really like the lyrics, that describes the passion for metal and the exertion to keep metal music alive. 


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Helldrifter – Feed The Fire (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Red on the other hand has some great classic thrash metal riffs and a very strong melody. 

Within the band we came very soon to the conclusion, that these two songs work great as singles and best represent the essence of Helldrifter. Beside that, there will be no more single until the release of the album. 

My favorite song is definitely „Scars Of Time“. Do you have any personal favorites?

Yes, Scars of time is a great, complex song that maybe needs some turns, but then really protrudes. My favorite song at the moment is Holy Terror. 

Your song themes revolve mainly around mysticism, sociological themes, horror movies and video games, with a strong dose of surrealism. Can you say something about the individual tracks?

01. Feed The Fire
Feed the Fire is a humorously take of the metal clichés in our scene at the same time it captures the love and passion we all have for metal.

02. Red
RED is a song about a psychokiller who is literally going in a killing spree, while so he sees everything in red. Inspired by horror classics like: The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street etc.

03. Holy Terror
Inspired by one of the worst Frank Miller Comics: Holy Terror I recommend everyone to read it, its hilarious 

04. Inferna In Marte
We played the video game DOOM too much for this! This song is an homage to DOOM

05. On Wings Of Evil
Written about the airplane bombings in the second World War.

06. Lethargy
This song is about life, a life in struggle with all of the ups and downs. But especially about failure, the fear to fail in a society full of fake people. 

07. Banned To Obscurity
A song about freedom of speech and the right to fight for it.

08. Lord Of Damnation
This song is written about a person who had extreme religious believes, his believes where so strong that he suddenly created his own god. And within all this he sunk in his own madness. He believes and disbelieves his own creation. 

09. Absolution
A song about the modern way of life and how obsolete we are as humans.

10. Scars Of Time
Is about a man who struggles to find a way out of depression, due to his whole life getting bullied he decides to go out on an amok run.  

Are you currently planning to go on tour with the album? 

Yes, definitely. As soon as it’s possible to rely on hygiene concepts for touring and gigging, we will hit the road. I think that we can start doing some gigs in Germany in spring 2022. 

How did you get into heavy metal music?

It started very early with about 4 or 5 years, when I listened to Hard Rock music from my father on my cassette recorder. But then with 11 years, everything changed when I heard Metallica for the first time. I switched from acoustic to electric guitar and emulated my guitar heroes. Over the time I explored more the extreme metal genres. And that’s still up to now an interesting journey, exploring new bands and different metal genres. 

When you as a musician think about live music, when and how it can take place again, do you also think about hygiene and your own safety?

Yes, I worry a lot about hygiene concepts for live gigs, as a musician as well as a passionate concert goer. And such events with having a lot of people in the narrowst space need a good and safe hygiene concept, that everybody can enjoy music and do headbanging like before. It would be horrible, if you play a gig and afterwards spread disease and people could die of it. 

How was/is the atmosphere among each other during the work on the album? Is there a funny anecdote that I may pass on?

Well, Vasilis is our composer of the tracks on the album and our musical brain. Nevertheless everybody could bring his own ideas to the songs and that made the work on the album really great. There was still space for everybody to bring his own creativity in the songs without egoism and gruelling discussions. 

The strangest working day for the album was when we made our music video for RED. We were in a long abandoned industrial building for time employees and the director didn’t like the walls in the room. So we had to nail rotted carpets covered with rat feces on the wall and put all that old disgusting remnants of the residents to the shoot location. 


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Helldrifter – RED (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Which album influenced you the most at the beginning of your career?

At the beginning, it was definitely the black album by Metallica. This started the whole passion for metal and guitar playing. 

Speaking of other albums. What records are your favorites so far in 2021 and which ones are you still looking forward to – Besides your own 😊

There are so many good releases in 2021, at least one good thing that comes with Covid 19. 

My favorite albums so far are Trivium – In the court of the dragon, At the gates – The nightmare of being, Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos, Carcass – Torn Arteries and Crypta – Echoes of the soul. And I’m looking forward for the new Exodus album. 

Moving away from music for a bit. What about hobbies?

I like doing sports, especially soccer and I have a motorcycle, but at the moment there’s only time for one hobby beside my fulltime job, and that’s playing guitar. 

If I had one wish free, I would… (I can’t wish for more wishes:-P)

Haha, good question. Without using clichés like world peace and no threatening disease, I just wish that people really like and appreciate our music and want to see us on tour. 

Finally, a few sentences from you to the listeners out there? 😊

Hey metalheads, hold on, hopefully we can get back to normality soon and enjoy great gigs and festivals. So long we can at least listen to Heavy Metal at home. Check out our Singles and Music Videos and of course the album Lord of damnation, we are curious if you like it. 

Thank you guys for the interview/answering my questions. I wish you and your loved ones good health and great success for your album „Lord of Damnation“!

Thank you very much, stay healthy and metal on.

Tracks „Lord of Damnation“:

01. Feed the Fire || 4:00 Minuten
02. Red || 3:46 Minuten
03. Holy Terror || 5:15 Minuten
04. Inferna in Marte || 3:48 Minuten
05. On Wings of Evil || 3:48 Minuten
06. Lethargy || 7:13 Minuten
07. Banned to Obscurity || 3:10 Minuten
08. Lord of Damnation || 4:17 Minuten
09. Absolution || 2:14 Minuten
10. Scars of Time || 5:17 Minuten


Helldriver | Foto Credit: Judith Blind


Billy Kolins | Vocals
Kevin Ginnow | Drums
Benjamin Hilpert | Guitars
Vasilis Minopoulos | Guitars


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The first single from the new death/thrash metal unit Helldrifter from Germany!
Helldrifter – Die Another Day (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Das war mein Interview mit Benjamin von Helldrifter . Thank you Benjamin, dass du die vielen Fragen so ausführlich beantwortet hast. Viel Erfolg für euer Album und bleibt gesund! Auch meinen Lesern vielen Dank fürs Lesen des Interviews. Hört in das Album rein und supportet die Band! Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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