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Heute habe ich Frontfrau Tanya von „Shadowland“ im Interview für euch. „Shadowland“ veröffentlichen ihr Debütalbum „The Necromancer’s Castle“ am 22. Oktober 2021 bei No Remorse Records. Geschmiedet aus Stahl in der Weltmetropole New York City 2018 Anno Satanas. Shadowland machen sich auf, um über das Chaosportal hinaus die Meere der Zeit zu segeln, um die Geister der New Wave of British Heavy Metal Ancients zu beschwören.

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Tobi – Tanya


Band: Shadowland
Album: The Necromancer’s Castle
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal
Label: No Remorse Records
Release: 22.10.2021

First of all, I want to ask you, how are you doing right now?


Please introduce yourself and your bandmates to me and my followers a little!

I’m Tanya, I am the vocalist and I make our artwork. 

We have Jeff on lead guitars, Al on 2nd lead guitars, Cedric on lead bass, and Dave on lead drums.  I’ve let them out of their dungeon briefly for this interview.

What can Metalheads expect from your debutalbum „The Necromancer’s Castle“?

Expect fantasy, horror, sex, sorcery, swords, scifi, and RIFFS.  Its heavy and melodic, it’s got a lot of classic metal but a little goth as well, its got some rock and roll and some speed. It’s got the raw spirit of NWOBHM but its smooth as hell.  You can listen to this with the lads or with a lady, or totally alone.  If you like Judas Priest, Manilla Road, Diamond Head, Blue Oyster Cult, Ratt, Warlock, Witchfinder General, Acid, Diamondhead, Ozzy… you are gonna dig THE NECROMANCERS CASTLE

About what is the story of The Necromancer’s Castle“?

The Necromancer's Castle
The Necromancer’s Castle

This album is the culmination of several years as a band, refining our sound.  I think of it as a anthology of horror, weirdness and wizardry, more than one continuous concept album

How was ist to make a album in times of Corona? Even the USA was hard hitten by this fucker of an virus. I hope you and you’re families were save and healthy!

Well it was definitely difficult and here in NYC we were hit very hard.  Lots of people fled the city, and it felt like a ghost town. There was a lot of social turmoil that also disrupted our album. We did not practice for months, and observed the quarantine.  As much as we love music, it definitely was not worth risking spreading a virus that was killing people in our communities. There are times when personal goals and self promotion should be put on hold for the good of others.

In New York there are many styles of Metal born. How did you came to Oldschool Metal or NWOBHM?

We are all old punks, we’ve all been in underground music since we were kids, and have played in goth, punk, and metal bands.  I think NWOBHM is natural to us, its the conjunction of the raw energy and DIY spirit of punk mixed with the melodic sensibility of early rock and metal, and of course the content is often sci fi and fantasy inspired.  I’ve been listening to bands like Judas Priest , Tank, and Diamondhead since i was a young teenager so I’m not sure how I came into it, it’s part of my identity I suppose.

Your first single was „Warhound“ with a Lyric – Video. It was a really nice one. Are there more to come?

More lyric videos?  That would be sweet, I suppose it’s up to the label.  It was fun to see my art animated. I wrote us a music video for Lamia and Frank Huang (MS Live) shot and edited it, and we would like to do more in the future, its just a ton of work to do DIY!

Can you please tell me a little about each song in one sentence?

A termagant witch controls her husband from beyond the grave, based on the Poe story and the Corman film adaptation. 

„The Necromancer’s Castle“
A necromancer becomes irritated with the hordes of chivalrous knights trampling her gardens in search of chivalrous victory, although  their blood makes excellent fertilizer.

„Walking In Shadows“
A vampire is very horny, and very hungry.

„Rising Tide“  
Workers of the world come together to execute all the rich oppressors and burn their horded wealth. A good old fashioned guillotine party!

Based on Michael Moorcocks titular book, a disillusioned soldier is sent on a holy quest by satan, ushering in the age of reason.


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SHADOWLAND – Warhound (Lyric Video)

Set in a future dark age, a traveller roams a barren earth long after humans have sucked it dry of its resources and left it a poisonous hellhole, populated by regretful ghosts

„Easy Livin’“
Wouldn’t it be cool if we had motorcycles?

„Pretty Faces“
No more cool guys

What can we expect from „Shadowland“ in the near future?

More wizards, women, and weirdness.  Invite us to your music fest, we will bring a LOT of fog and some HEAVY riffs 

How about playing live? Are there any plany to play in US or Europe?

Not as of yet but we would love to tour and play some fests, especially Europe and in Germany! 

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Do you have a fav song on your upcoming album?

The title track Necromancer’s Castle is definitely a ripper, but Remains was one we are proud of. We’ve been wanting to do a power ballad for a while and i think its an interesting blend of influences like Ozzy and BOC.  

In which formats will „TNC“ come to us Metalheads?

It’s coming out in Vinyl, special edition red vinyl, CD, and of course MP3 

Where can fans get your EP „The Watcher“ and the 7“ „Lost City“?

Visit our bandcamp at shadowlandnyc.bandcamp.com where you can find our merch as well.  The LP can be purchased through our bandcamp, or direct through No Remorse.

Is Heavy Metal and the subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to Pause and just listen?

Well Metal is certainly about escapism and fantasy, but it’s also a way of dealing with real world issues.  My favorite metal is theatric, and unselfconscious. I’m a lifelong science fiction, fantasy, and horror fan (and illustrator) and fiction is best when it is used to explore reality.  George Romero’s films aren’t really about zombies are they?  Michael Moorcock’s Elric is certainly a fantasy classic, but its also about existential dread.  I think escapism is often a way to process reality.  But also, swords, castles, and horny vampires are pretty fucking cool, right?

What was the best album released in 2021 so far in your opinion?

The Necromancers Castle is a fuckin ripper from what I hear! 

What Band or Musiscian did influenced you most in your musicial live?

Well I don’t think there could be one.  Judas Priest is certainly a band we all revere.  Black sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, 

What would you say if i compare Tanya to Doro Pesch in her way to sing?

Door Pesch is one of the greatest singers in heavy metal of all time, so I’d say that’s a big compliment. I’m certainly influenced by Doro, as well as Rob Halford and Sean Harris and others.  

Which album was your first Metal album bought of your own money, and why?

I’m not sure what was my first album, but the very first vinyl I ever bought  was Grim Reaper, See You in Hell. I was 13 and had no idea what it was, I bought it purely based on the cover art. Still have it, still fucking rips. Moral of the story is- BANDS invest in good cover art and pay your artists what their worth! You’re willing to pay for recording but not good art? Its literally what sells the damn album, and if ya don’t pay artists there won’t be any left to do good art. 

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

Well my day job is tattooing and illustration, which takes up pretty much all my time (tanyafinder.com or @ersatz_existence on instagram).  Music is my hobby, and although it’s a lot of work its the thing I do on the side for pleasure.

The rest of the band is pretty much restricted to the activities which can be done while shackled to the floor in the dungeon of an ancient and moldering castle, but Jeff also makes killer leather gear when he’s not writing riffs and spinning around on stage and turning his volume up every time I look away. You can find him on Instagram @filthhoundleather666

If you got one wish…

Please ask Tanya to let us out of this dungeon, we’ve been here so very long… 

A few words to your fans out there in Germany and all the others in the world?

 ROCK HARD, RIDE FREE, and eat the rich. 

Tracks “The Necromancer’s Castle”:

01. „Ligeia“ || 5:45 Minuten
02. „The Necromancer’s Castle“ || 3:53 Minuten
03. Walking In Shadows “ || 5:31 Minuten
04. „Rising Tide“ || 4:36 Minuten
05. „Warhound“ || 4:14 Minuten
06. „Remains“ || 5:32 Minuten
07. „Easy Livin’“ || 4:05 Minuten
08. „Pretty Faces“ || 4:20 Minuten


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Tanya Finder | Vocals
Jeff Filmer | Guitar
Al Bulmer | Guitar
Cedric Obando | Bass
Dave Hawk | Drums

Das war mein Interview mit Tanya von „Shadowland“. Die Band veröffentlicht am 22.10.2021 ihr Album „The Necromancer’s Castle”. Dankeschön, dass ihr das Interview mit der symphatischen Spanierin gelesen habt. Supportet die Band und hört in den bisher veröffentlichten Song und in das neue Album rein.

Danke an dieser Stelle nochmal an Tanya ❤, für ihre ausführlichen Antworten! Ich hoffe euch bald mal live erleben zu dürfen. Grüße an alle Bandmember! Bleibt alle gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Heavy Metal never dies!

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