Folge 19: „12 things about… Prestige“

In Thrash we trust

Willkommen zu “12 things about…”! Heute habe ich die finnische Thrash Metal Formation von „Prestige“ bei „12 things about“ und freue mich sehr, dass die Jungs hier mitgemacht und sich bereiterklärt haben, die Sätze zu vollenden beziehungsweise die Fragen zu beantworten, die ich ihnen geschickt habe! Viel Spaß beim lesen!

12 things about…– die Thrash Metal Veteranen „Prestige“

Cheers Cheers Aku, Jan, Ari and Matti,
thank you for taking part here. Just write what you think when you want to answer the following questions or complete the sentences!

1. If I were allowed to choose a location, I would play in / on …

Aku: … 70000 Tons of metal
Jan: … anywhere, anytime. Well I would not mind skipping Pabneukirchen, done that – no reason to go back. But instead, I would very much like to return to Svalbard, this time with Prestige.
Ari: … all crazy metal clubs and venues, starting from Europe and ending the tour in Auckland Rock’n’Roll Club in New Zealand
Matti: … everywhere

2. Fastfood is okay, if…

Aku: … Im the one holding burger in my hand
Jan: … it’s monday. Or any other day between tuesday and sunday.
Ari: … I happen to suffer from acute hunger syndrome
Matti: … starters ok if nothing available

3. Veggie or not, that is the question!

Aku: … Anything goes, veggie or not
Jan: … Lacto-ovo vegetarian for over 30 years now, but who’s counting ..
Ari: … Veggie goes also in between everything else. Actually more often nowadays.
Matti: … meat, but veggie goes too

4. If I were allowed to be an animal for one day, I would be a …

Aku: … human being
Jan: … an Orc… wait …
Ari: … Our pet cat Miisu. I could just be lazy cute hairball for one day.
Matti: … can‘ t say, maybe a lion 🙂

5. With this legend I would like to rock the masses …

Aku: … clive burr
Jan: … John Lennon
Ari: … Helloween „Walls of Jericho“ album and some Elvis Presley rock&roll between every songs
Matti: … I shared already once the stage with Gene Simmons, but there are others too

6. I’m on stage …

Aku: … awfully sweatty
Jan: … on the right side – or on the left, on some rare occasions also in the middle, but quite often in front of it and after the show behind it.
Ari : …watching out but cheering stage divers from 1980’s!
Matti: … drumming

7. In the tour bus I hate …

Aku: … to sit still and just wait and wait and wait..
Jan: … when driving downhill from the Swiss Alps and the brakes give up. Done that, can‘ t really recommend it …
Ari: … driving. I have done it once!
Matti: … bad beds and no toilet

8. I prefer to be on vacation …

Aku: … anytime, anywhere
Jan: … south east Asia!
Ari: … yes, indeed I prefer! Primarily in the warm places.
Matti: … Most wanted would be Iceland to go holiday.

9. I would take on a series role in …

Aku: … talking about TV? Any Nordic noir
Jan: …Deadwood, Vikings would do too
Ari: … Knight Rider, being the hidden ghost driver riding with KITT
Matti: … Clint Eastwood from Dirty Harry.

10. This time of the year is my favorite …

Aku: … time to read a book next to a fireplace, the fall
Jan: …time to get going musically, writing new stuff, getting inspired
Ari: … time to catch up on eating the ice cream that I missed during summer. Need to catch up with missed beers also.
Matti: … Colours of the nature (autum)

11. The album that influences me most musically …

Aku: … is at this very moment first one by the lords of the new church, tomorrow propably something totally different
Jan: …This is a hard & tricky one as I like to listen a bit of everything. Yesterday I listened to old Finnish punk rock classics, today some old thrash metal classics. Have these influenced me musically? Not that much I guess. On the turntable right now: Kim Wilde: Aliens Live …
Ari: … Iron maiden „Piece of Mind“ 1983 with the B-side having best of Mike Oldfield
Matti: a lot of different ones but at least Iron Maiden’s Powerslave, Death – human, Emtombed – Left Hand Path ..

12. My record collection is …

Aku: too large, have to downsize
Jan: …spread all over the house in boxes and shelves. Don’t really know what is where, but I let myself to get surprised from time to time by opening an unmarked box …
Ari: … waiting in the warehouse for me to fix my turntable to play them again and again!
Matti: huge!


Thank you for participating, „Prestige“. Stay safe and sound during these crazy times! You can buy the current album “Reveal The Ravage” from every good sorted Musicdealer or directly from the Band at their Homepage in all known formats (LP, CD, Digital). A review of the current album can be found HERE! Many greetings to you and I wish you, your families and friends stay healthy and that we will see you soon at a concert or festival!

Tracklist „Reveal The Ravage“

01. „Innocent“ || 03:52 Minuten
02. „Burn My Eyes“ || 04:52 Minuten
03. „Blessed Be“ || 04:27 Minuten
04. „Pick Your Poison“ || 04:55 Minuten
05. „Exit“ || 03:46 Minuten
06. „You Weep“ || 03:53 Minuten
07. „In Remains“ || 03:40 Minuten
08. „Ready?“ || 03:22 Minuten
09. „Self Destruct“ || 04:24 Minuten
10. „Prime Time“ || 05:58 Minuten

Line – Up

Aku Kytölä | Vocals, Bass
Jan „Örkki“ Yrlund | Guitars
Ari Karppinen | Guitars
Matti „Matson“ Johansson | Drums

1988 • GODS (Demo)
1989 • Attack Against Gnomes
1989 • Priest (12″ Single)
1989 • Veijo (7″ EP)
1990 • Selling The Salvation
1991 • Parasites In Paradise
2007 • Decades Of Decay (Box)
2018 • Gods Revisited (Cassette)
2020 • Exit (Digital Single)
2021 • Exit/You Weep (7″ Single)
2021 • Reveal The Ravage

Photocredits: Peero Lakanen

Das war “12 things about Prestige” ! Danke euch fürs lesen. Ich hoffe, die heutige Folge hat euch auch gefallen und ihr supportet die Band, denn der Underground braucht jeden von uns! Das vor kurzem veröffentlichte Album “Reveal The Ravage” samt Trackliste seht ihr oben und eine Review dazu findet ihr auch auf meiner Seite. Bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

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