Folge 14: „12 things about…Shuulak“

Have Fun!

Willkommen zu “12 things about…”! Heute habe ich nicht einen, nicht zwei oder drei, nein, alle fünf Mitglieder von “Shuulak” die sich bereiterklärt haben, die Sätze zu vollenden beziehungsweise die Fragen zu beantworten, die ich ihnen geschickt habe! Viel Spaß beim lesen!

12 things about…– the dutch Heavy Metal Formation „Shuulak“

Cheers Eve, Ricardo, Angelo, Bastiën and Pien of „Shuulak“,
thank you for taking part here. Just write what you think when you want to answer the following questions or complete the sentences!

1. If I were allowed to choose a location, I would play in / on …

Eve … Budokan – Tokyo
Ricardo … Sealife, right in front of the orcas
Angelo … the top floor of Burj Khalifa
Bastiën … Burning Man
Pien … De Efteling

2. Fastfood is okay, if…

Eve … there’s nothing else
Ricardo … you’ve got evil intentions
Angelo … it’s not already digested
Bastiën … I’m faster!
Pien … you get yourself to the gym afterwards

3. Veggie or not, that is the question!

Eve … If it existed, I’d eat broccoli ice cream.
Ricardo … I wish!
Angelo … Depends on the amount of meat available
Bastiën … Chicory FTW!
Pien … It’s not a question

4. If I were allowed to be an animal for one day, I would be a …

Eve … fish. I’d love to go exploring beneath the waves.
Ricardo … CHARIZARD!
Angelo … Banana
Bastiën … Trogdor the Burninator
Pien … My own dog (who just has the best life)

5. With this legend I would like to rock the masses …

Eve … David Bowie
Ricardo … David Bowie
Angelo … King Diamond
Bastiën … Lux Interior (The Cramps)
Pien … David Bowie

6. I’m on stage …

Eve … soon again, I hope!
Ricardo … dancing
Angelo … when playing live
Bastiën … looking for my next victim
Pien … looking at Bastiën who’s looking for his next victim

7. In the tour bus I hate …

Eve … when I have to pee, and we’re stuck in traffic
Ricardo … farts
Angelo … when the GPS stops working in the middle of nowhere
Bastiën … nothing really, adventure ahoy!
Pien … being all crammed together

8. I prefer to be on vacation …

Eve … Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Ricardo … with David Hasselhoff
Angelo … when my to-do list is empty (which is probably never)
Bastiën … going to a festival to hang out with friends’
Pien …  YES!!

9. I would take on a series role in …

Eve … Star Trek
Ricardo … Lost
Angelo … Flodder
Bastiën … The Expanse (but only if I get teamed up with Amos…)
Pien … Orange is the new black

10. This time of the year is my favorite …

Eve … Halloween
Ricardo … Halloween
Angelo … Autumn / Halloween
Bastiën … summer into autumn (so basically: Halloween)
Pien … summer (or anytime it’s just nice and sunny out)

11. The album that influences me most musically …

Eve … Gauze – Dir en Grey
Ricardo … Subliminal Verses – Slipknot
Angelo … Abigail – King Diamond
Bastiën …For Victory! – Bolt Thrower
Pien … Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers

12. My record collection is …

Eve … not big enough, yet.
Ricardo … sold
Angelo … huge!
Bastiën … destroyed! All vinyl went up in flames together with my house back in 2006
Pien … extremely varied

Thank you for taking part, “Shuulak” 😊. Stay safe and sound during these crazy times! Shuulak got also Pien as a new Member and latley they potsted a new Bandphoto incl. some Tourdates, where you can see the Dutch Metal Band live!


Hier geht’s zur Bandcamp-Seite von Shuulak und zur aktuellen EP „Rubedo“ und Hier geht’s zur Website von Shuulak!

Tracks “Rubedo”:
01. Ancient Sins“ || 04:47 Minuten
02. Scourge of Aeons“ || 04:04 Minuten
03. Rubedo“ || 00:53 Minuten
04. The Azoth“ || 04:27 Minuten
05. The Azoth II“ || 02:47 Minuten

Bastiën Baron (vocals)
Eve Laetitia (lead guitar)
Ricardo Kroon (rhythm guitar)
Pien de Beer (bass)
Angelo Tower (drums)

EP Cover

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Das war „12 things about Shuulak“ ! Danke euch fürs mitmachen. Ich hoffe, die heutige Folge hat euch auch gefallen und ihr supportet die Band, denn der Underground braucht jeden von uns! Bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi! Heavy Metal never dies!

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