„Ari von Prestige im Interview“


Hello again Ari from Prestige. You have lateley released your new Single “Innocent” and the Release of Prestiges new Album is not far away! Today I have a few questions for you about your upcoming Release of „Reveal The Ravage“.

For my readers: If you wanna read the previous Interview with Aku Kytölä, Jan “Örkki” Yrlund and Ari Karppinen just klick the INTERVIEWLINK!


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Ari Karppinen – Prestige

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PRESTIGE, eine der dienstältesten Thrash Bands Finnlands, melden sich mit einem neuen Album zurück: „Reveal The Ravage“ strotzt nur so vor Thrash und Old-school Attitüde! Mit aggressiven Vocals und Gitarren, sowie aussagekräftigen Texten hat die Band einen rauen, aber dennoch zeitgemäßen Sound erschaffen. Die beiden Gitarristen liefern abwechslungsreiche Leads und manchmal auch melodiöse Gitarrenlinien ab, alles untermalt von einem aggressiven Grundton. Ein Merkmal des PRESTIGE-Sounds sind Background-Vocals und Shouts – beides hört man heutzutage nur
noch selten bei Thrash Bands. Die Band hat das Album gemeinsam geschrieben und fast ein Jahr im Probestudio damit verbracht, die Details zu verfeinern und zu perfektionieren.

In vielerlei Hinsicht ist dieses Album kompromisslos, es folgt keinen Trends und dennoch haben PRESTIGE ein zugängliches Thrash Metal Album abgeliefert. Das Album ist sorgfältig durchdacht und spiegelt die Spielfreude der Band perfekt wider. Man merkt, dass die Band stets im Hinterkopf behielt, wie es wäre, die Songs live zu spielen und sie verloren auch nie aus den Augen, wie das Album fließt. Mit Thrash Metal im Blut und der passenden Attitüde sind PRESTIGE endlich zurück! FAKTEN • Das 4. Album von finnischen Thrash Metal Veteranen PRESTIGE – erhältlich als CD Digipak sowie als Download & Stream. Erscheint demnächst auch als limitierte Vinyl LP.

• Produziert von Prestige und Samu Oittinen.
• Gemischt und gemastert von Samu Oittinen im Fantom Studio.
• Coverartwork von Jan Yrlund / Darkgrove Design.

Presseinformation über „Reveal The Ravage“!

First of all i want to know how do you and your Bandmates doing right now! So, how are you?

We are doing great! It has been really nice summer weathers in Finland. And most imporantly we have stayed healthy!

What brought you into Metal, in which Genre did you start, before making it „Thrashy“?

We were inspired by many 1980’s metal and hard core pioneers to go for harder, louder and faster music and form our own band to play speed/thrash metal. Jan „Örkki“ Yrlund played guitar in few rock bands before Prestige. We others Ari, Tero and Aku, went straight away into metal and formed originally a trio band called „Genocide“ which played hard core style metal. When Jan joined us quite soon after that (1987) we developed our music style to the original Prestige speed/thrash metal and Prestige name was chosen in the beginning of 1988.

And how are you when you think about August 13th, 2021?

Indeed we managed to complete „Reveal The Ravage“ album recordings and production just in planned schedule in June. Right now at the moment of the interview we just got the first batch of CD’s into our own hands! That is so big moment for us to get this album into flesh and bones and out to our fans after almost 29 years since the previous album. 

You’re one of the first Thrashmetal Acts of Finland, est. 1987 if i’m right. Others Bands split after short times – what can you tell them about beeing together for such an amazing long time?

We were young kids when established the band and we were as much friends as we were band mates. We wanted to have fun through the music we loved and share that with other people who had passion to metal music. We have kept the friendship, passion and humour with us through the times.

After Tero, our original drummer, decided to retire at the end of 2019, we were lucky to find Matti „Matson“ Johansson . He is perfect fit as a new drummer to the band for the next 30 years or so 🙂

Can you tell my Followers about your second Single „You Weep“ and what’s the Message behind the Song? 

You weep is about selfish and devastating mindset of mankind.

Do you have any other single releases planned for “Reveal The Ravage”?

Yes! Our next digital single and video are to be released on the opening track „Innocent“. Check them out!

Singlecover by Jan „Örkki“ Yrlund / Darkgrove Design

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Prestige – „Innocent“

How about your new Longplayer? After Listening to „Exit“ and „You Weep“ on repeat and repeat and repeat – the desire for more is really heavy. What can you tell us about „RTR“?

Great that you have enjoyed „Exit“ and „You Weep“, that’s very much appreciated! We have tried to be faithful to our roots on 1980-90 style metal and yet bring that to 2020 decade. We have there actually quite different songs from very fast speed/thrash metal songs to mid tempo metal songs. We tried to build the songs on tight playing together as a band and on top of that guitar melodies and chorus/backing vocals which hopefully are recognizable Prestige style metal

„Blessed Be“ and „Ready“ are my fav Songs at the Moment. You have wrote the new Album together as Band. Can you tell me how it was to do this as Group?

Nice to hear that you like those songs! We have so far heard quite different choises of favourite songs from different people who have heard the album so far, which is exiting for us!

The process of makings songs has been more or less always similar to us. Someone of us develops riffs and melodies and constructs a first version of a song demo. then we take that further as a whole group in the rehearsals room.  Even nowadays we can technically make quite complete demos at our home studios, still the song gets into its final form only when we work it out together. Quite often the final version of the song is very different than the original ideas were and we even combine different song ideas into one. It takes typically quite many rounds of band rehearsals before one song is ready for studio. And then in the studio recording phase we still develop the final form of the song with vocals, backing vocals, solos and melody parts. Doing all this as a teamwork is actually the best part of making albums. Creating together is much more fun and brings much better results than anyone of us doing songs alone.

Do you have a fav Song?

Pre-condition for any song to get into this album was that everyone in the band likes the song in it’s final form and can feel proud of it. With that basically all songs are our favorites 🙂  Maybe those songs which we will choose to be in the play list of forthcoming gigs will become favorites of that moment. We have initially planned already which songs from „Reveal The Ravage“ will be played in the album release event 14th of August, but we need to keep it secret still 🙂

Albumcover by Jan „Örkki“ Yrlund / Darkgrove Design

The Cover-Artwork is really awesome. Jan is really a Mastermind. Did he designed the Cover alone or did you influenced him?

It is awesome indeed! Jan is really a talent and makes cover arts, videos or other artworks to many major bands such as Manowar, Testament and Nightwish just to mention few! We others really don’t influence directly to Jan’s artwork but we develop together the direction of the band otherwise. In this case we brainstormed together the name of the album „Reveal The Ravage“. That then inspired Jan to create the cover artwork for that theme.

A few words to the fans who definitely can’t wait to hear you live. Are there any plans about a tour?

We really aim for touring and hope that the new album will open doors for that once the Covid situation will allow that, hopefully still later this year and especially 2022. Live gigs and face to face with fans are the best parts of the whole thing!

As a musician, when you think about live music, when and how it can take place again, do you also think about how things are with hygiene and your own safety and protection against the Virus?

Developments of the Covid situation has been really difficult to predict. We are still having uncertainties for the restrictions which there will be in August in Finland. We aim to have 14th of August our our long waited Speed Metal Party in Tampere Finland. That will be our album release event. We might need to adjust the arrangements to the restrictions of that specific moment, but we believe that it will be possible in one format or another. Of course the health of people is the most important thing and we all need to take care of the needed protection against the Virus.

How did you as deal with the restrictions in the meantime?  How much does it restricted you in your working life?

Travelling and meeting people has been limited through the last winter and spring time also for us, like all over the world. Its getting better but still far from „normal“. We have all being able to continue our daily jobs, with some adjustments that the Covid has required. 

How is it to you to stay in contact with your fans via social media in these pandemic times and to find out what the mood is like in the fans‘ camp?

We do our best on sharing our news actively in the social media. We are very happy to see feedback and comments from fans. Honestly it still does not substitute the real face to face interaction and talking to folks in the gigs, after the gigs etc. We believe that the fans are in the need of live gigs as much as we are. When we will get into that, the mood will but at the sky high!

Which other Metal Albums are you favorites so far in 2021?

Its more about what is still anticipated to come out during 2021! It will be interested to hear what big names such as Kreator, Megadeth, Anthrax and Exodus will bring out. Also Ozzy Osbourne with all the featuring guests in his album and King Diamond/Mercyful Fate will be interesting. It seems that there might be good vibes around metal genre later this year if even part of the rumours of new releases will become true!

How have you spent your Free time under Covid 19 so far?

Prestige „Reveal The Ravage“ album and song creation was big effort for us during the winter, spring and early summer. Other free time we have spent pretty much on our other daily jobs and with our families.

How about Covid and Delta Variant in Finland? I don’t know the restrictions in your beautytiful Country, i am enough fucked up about the once in Germany and would be glad if we all get out healthy . 

The Covid situation is hopefully gradually getting better as the vaccination coverage is getting higher, but we are still in the middle of that process. Things seems to go up and down.

Prestige 2021 by Peero Lakanen

Do you listen to other Music as Metal too?

Yes indeed. Each of us have quite versatile music tastes from symphonic music to hard core punk, from Mike Oldfield to Stray Cats. It is pretty much about situation and mood which works best for each of us at any point of time. 

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

Many of us like to go out in the woods and nature by foot or by bicycle. That is good for the body and mind. Aku is more into reading books when we others are hiking 🙂

Do you do „a normal Job“ beside making Music?

Yes, all of us have other jobs or work as freelancers/entrepreneurs. Daily jobs bring some balance to life in addition to musician roles.

If yout got one wish…?

The wish could be that we all learn something from the Covid for the future.

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

We havent played with Prestige yet in Germany and we would be so eager to do that in the near future. Hopefully „Reveal The Ravage“ album will open doors for that. And same goal applies for as many other countries as possible! We hope that you will find the album and find your own favorite songs from that!

Thanks for the interview, Ari. Many greetings to all from the Band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and thrashy!

Thanks, You too!

CD Digipak
(out on 13/08/2021)

Tracklist „Reveal The Ravage“

01. „Innocent“ || 03:52 Minuten
02. „Burn My Eyes“ || 04:52 Minuten
03. „Blessed Be“ || 04:27 Minuten
04. „Pick Your Poison“ || 04:55 Minuten
05. „Exit“ || 03:46 Minuten
06. „You Weep“ || 03:53 Minuten
07. „In Remains“ || 03:40 Minuten
08. „Ready?“ || 03:22 Minuten
09. „Self Destruct“ || 04:24 Minuten
10. „Prime Time“ || 05:58 Minuten

Ltd. Vinyl LP
(out on 26/11/2021)
A-Side: Track 1-5
B-Side: Track 6-10


Line – Up
Aku Kytölä | Vocals, Bass
Jan “Örkki” Yrlund | Guitars
Ari Karppinen | Guitars
Matti “Matson” Johansson | Drums

Prestige 2021 by Peero Lakanen

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