“Prestige im Interview”


Im Dezember, genauer am 21.12.2020, veröffentlichten die Jungs von Prestige ihren ersten Song vom, damals noch nicht angekündigten, neuen Album Reveal The Ravege. Im Mai kam dann eine 7″ Platte mit der neuen Single “You Weep” auf der einen und “Exit” auf der anderen Seite. Ich befragte die Band zu den Songs und ob ein Album in den Startlöchern steht. Heute wissen wir, “RTR” kommt am 13.08.2021 über Massacre Records. Ich sprach mit Ari, Örkki und Aku und im nachfollgenden könnt ihr lesen, was die drei gesagt haben!

Tobi – Metal and Me

Ari – Prestige
Örkki – Prestige
Aku – Prestige

Hello Ari, Örkki and Aku from Prestige.  My name is Tobi.  I run a Facebook page and a webblog.  On this page I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with my wheelchair.  On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and on the other hand, how to best proceed to get tickets, which is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals.

In the future I will also write about hygiene measures, as this is important for me as a high-risk patient and for my readers too. Of course, I also write about the bands‘ performance.  Today I have a few questions for you about your new upcoming Release of 7“Vinyl „Exit/You Weep“.

How are you right now?

ARI: Hi Tobi! Thanks for reaching out to us. We are doing great at the moment. We are in the middle of studio production for our new album! And at the moment of this interveiew we are getting closer to midsummer fest which is great celebration of summer time and almost nightless days in Finland. For sure it will be somewhat calm celebration due to covid but still good time to enjoy with close ones.

And how are you when you think about May 21th, 2021?

ARI: It was a big milestone for us to release again new songs on a real vinyl. We are so glad that Massacre Records was willing to go for that with us. There are more and more people who love to play vinyls on their turn tables. And it is so cool to have your favorite songs on a physical beautiful package like vinyl singles and albums can be. Especially if they are red. 😊

Photo by Peero Lakanen

You’re one of the first Thrashmetal Acts of Finland, est. 1987 if i’m right. Others Bands split after short times – what can you tell them about beeing together for such an amazing long time?

Örkki: Yes that is right, we were the third speedmetal/thrashmetal band in Finland to get a major record deal and a full length out. We started playing in 87 and had the first gig, but it was in the beginning of 1988 when the actual Prestige name was chosen and we got serious. We played very intensively for the next four years until the summer of 1992. In those less than five years we released three albums, an EP and a single and played a lot of gigs.

After 1992 we went on a hiatus, but we never split or quit. Our break just took quite long, well really long. Maybe the reason why we’ve been together for over 32 years is that we know each other from a very young age. When we released our first album we were just around 17-18 years old …  And obviously you’ve been through a lot together and it’s still fun.

ARI: The key thing that we have this band together because we love it and enjoy playing together. We don’t need to do this for anyone else’s expectations or reasons. On the other hand we have had long breaks at those times when the flame did not burn that hot for us playing together. And always when after a longer break we have got together, we have been on the same page again and the songs and good feeling come back somewhere from the muscle memory.

We also have, even more nowadays than at younger age, principle that we talk through always things that are bugging anyone. Whether they are about songs or other stuff. When Tero, our original drummer, decided to retire at the end of 2019, we were so lucky to find Matti „Matson“ Johansson who fits to the band both on his amazing professional drumming skills but also with his similar mind and sense of humour. And yes, the sense of humour keeps us going too!

Can you tell my Followers about „You Weep“ and what’s the Message behind the Song?

AKU: I wrote the chorus somewhat five years back, and dispite the usual, i actualle recorded the riff and lyrics with my phone, and named it ”for prestige?” Found it later when i was just going through my old phone, still felt like a good one, so i finished them lyrics, wrote few more chords, and took it to rehearsals.

After few tries we got it finished. This final version on vinyl is quite different from the first ideas i had, but thats the way things often go when 4 dudes give their best effort with song. I’m really happy with the result, and those lyrics are still all about my favourite subject, stupidity of mankind.

Singlecover “You Weep”

How about a new Longplayer? After Listening to „Exit“ and „You Weep“ on repeat and repeat and repeat – the desire for a new Album is very high.

ARI: Thanks for liking Exit and You Weep! And yes indeed, as mentioned earlier we are now working on the full album. Recordings and studio production are on the final meters to get the package ready to be published in the very near future. Follow our postings and news on our web pages and social media through the summer to hear more! We are glad to hear that you are waiting for that. We are working like hell to make unforgettable album for our fans. Hopefully we will also reach out for new fans with that.

Örkki: Yes, it’s coming! In August the 13th! We are very thrilled about it, it’s just great to get the new album out there, especially since it’s been like over 29 year from the last one!

The Cover-Artwork is really awesome. Jan is really a Mastermind. Did he designed the Cover alone?

ARI: He did! Yes indeed Jan „Orkki“ Yrlund is amazing multitalent, blessing to our band! In addition to playing guitar, he used to do the comics and all kind of arts as his hobbies at youth and now he is professional artwork designer, video producer, photographer, and what not! So we are lucky to have him. And so are many other bands enjoying his cover arts and video productions. Bands like Manowar, to mention!

A few words to the fans who definitely can’t wait to hear you live. Are there any plans about a live performance with the Songs on Youtube?

ARI: We have not been very eager to make rehearsal room live session type of streamings or recordings. It is just so difficult to reach real interaction with those. We prefer then band videos like we have released for Exit. We have also released lyrics video for You Weep. Once we will get back on a real stages, live recordings could be something to think about. Let’s see what future holds on that.

Örkki: Yes indeed, if you release some kinda live-recording kinda thing you gotta make sure everything is right and it takes a lot of planning. And I hate to say this, but I don’ t think we are too much into any live-streaming thing. I guess it’s fine for some pop artists but a thrash band really needs that interaction. It just does not work.

How did you as deal with the restrictions in the meantime?  How much does it restricted you in your working life?

ARI: It has been heavy times for all of us around the globe. Just like anyone, we have been careful and haven’t been able to meet even our close ones as much as would have liked. Travelling has been banned pretty much totally for more than one year. However, all of us have been able to work in our daily jobs throughout the covid times, with more or less special arrangements though just like anyone.

Örkki: As far as the band goes, we never had as strict restrictions than some other countries had. Like in Belgium for ex only 2 people could meet so for example band rehearsals were not possible. In Finland we only held a few weeks break in all this time actually and could rehearse normally. 

Singlecover “Exit”

How have you spent your Free time under Covid 19 so far?

ARI: We have been lucky to stay healthy and even though we haven’t been able to tour as a band, we have taken the time for Prestige song writing, especially through the winter and spring time this year. We have been able to get together often enough at our rehearsal room to get things moving towards our album recordings. And we have taken advantage of small home studio setups which we have and are quite affordable for anyone nowadays.

Computer, music production software, audio interface where to plug in guitar and microphone and a bit of a experimental mindset and you are good to go with writing songs and making demos at home. That has helped us on developing song ideas for those moments when we can get together to actually then produce the songs together as a band.

How about concerts in Finland? I don’t know the restrictions in your beautytiful Country. 

ARI: Concerts have been pretty much banned through covid times also here in Finland. Small scale gigs are starting to run again now at summer time in Finland. We are now full of hope to be able to have our annual and traditional Speed Metal Party 14th of August at our home town Tampere in Finland. That has always been grazy fun party with local and international metal bands coming together with enthusiastic metal fans. It seems to get very active times with live music events once we get over covid.

Do you listen to other Music as Metal too?

AKU: Sure, anything with cool guitars goes just fine, and older i get, more i enjoy all varieties of jazz and progressive music too. I think Voivod is to blame for that. That band was my first touch to bit weird things in music, I really love upright bass rock, psychobilly, rockabilly, all kinda roots based rock and roll. But if i had to name just one band, the band, that would be really really hard task, but i quess it would be teutonic rumble, Accept. Never get bored with their stuff.

Örkki: Thrash metal is music that we grew up with but obviously through the years you explore music in grander scale. Personally I listen a lot of different kind of bands and I like to keep me up to date of the current trends and also popular music.  I find myself these days enjoying a lot of orchestral music, symphonic and progressive metal, but also old school goth rock and ebm music.  Through my work I get a lot of CDs and I like to explore new bands too, sometimes you make nice discoveries that way. But right, good thrash metal still warms one’s heart. 

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

AKU: Do  i have any hobbies besides stuff music related? Not really, exept reading, i’m always in the middle of few books, and i do my best to finish them too. Also love to cook. Wish i had more time for those things. 

ARI: Walking and cycling in the pathways of forests and small roads closeby is refreshing. We have so good opportunities to step out from the front door and enjoy that.

Örkki: Not too many hobbies to be honest, my work is pretty time consuming, but I like to travel a lot and as I’m really into cycling and MTB, I like to rent a bike if only possible, when abroad. I think that is the coolest way to move around even in an unfamiliar city.

Photo by Peero Lakanen

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

AKU: Few words only? I sure hope we are able to visit Germanys festivals asap, see you!

ARI: Nothing beats the live events and meeting fans face to face. With our new songs Exit and You Weep and furthermore soon releasing full album we feel like being at a better shape than ever to party together with you guys!

Örkki: I’ve been so many times in Germany during the years, but with Prestige we haven’ t had a chance to perform yet. I really hope that now with the new album we get serious contacts and can come over. We really are eager to play and ready for it – can’ t wait that to happen!

Thanks for the interview, Aku, Ari and Örkki Many greetings to all from the Band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and thrashy!

Gerade heute (15.07.2021) veröffentlichten “Prestige” weitere Albumdetails, die ich euch hier natürlich posten möchte. Denn neben dem Albumcover gibt es nun auch die Trackliste und die Formate, in denen “Reveal The Ravage” erscheinen wird.

Mit Thrash Metal im Blut und der passenden Attitüde melden sich PRESTIGE aus Finnland lautstark mit ihrem neuen Album “Reveal The Ravage” zurück, das am 13. August als CD Digipak sowie Download & Stream bei Massacre Records erscheinen wird! Aber das war noch nicht alles: Die limitierte Vinyl LP Version des Albums wird voraussichtlich am 26. November erscheinen! Aufgrund der angespannten Lage in den Presswerken ist es leider nicht möglich, das CD Digipak und die Vinyl LP zeitgleich zu veröffentlichen. Hier kann man das Album bereits vorbestellen und es sich vormerken » https://lnk.to/revealtheravage

“Reveal The Ravage” wurde von Samu Oittinen im Fantom Studio gemischt und gemastert. Das Artwork des Albums gestaltete Jan Yrlund / Darkgrove Design. Die Tracklist des Albums ist weiter unten verfügbar. Die beiden Songs “Exit” und “You Weep” – die bereits im Mai als limitierte 7″ Single auf rotem Vinyl erschienen sind – werden auch auf dem Album zu finden sein. Eine brandneue Single vom kommenden Album wird am 27. Juli zusammen mit dem dazugehörigen Video erscheinen. Am 14. August werden PRESTIGE auch bei der Speed Metal Party im Tullikamarin Klubi in Tampere, Finnland, auftreten.

CD Digipak
(out on 13/08/2021)

Tracklist „Reveal The Ravage“

01. „Innocent“ || 03:52 Minuten
02. „Burn My Eyes“ || 04:52 Minuten
03. „Blessed Be“ || 04:27 Minuten
04. „Pick Your Poison“ || 04:55 Minuten
05. „Exit“ || 03:46 Minuten
06. „You Weep“ || 03:53 Minuten
07. „In Remains“ || 03:40 Minuten
08. „Ready?“ || 03:22 Minuten
09. „Self Destruct“ || 04:24 Minuten
10. „Prime Time“ || 05:58 Minuten

Ltd. Vinyl LP
(out on 26/11/2021)
A-Side: Track 1-5
B-Side: Track 6-10


Line – Up
Aku Kytölä | Vocals, Bass
Jan “Örkki” Yrlund | Guitars
Ari Karppinen | Guitars
Matti “Matson” Johansson | Drums

Photo by Peero Lakanen

Danke für euer Interesse an meinem Interview mit den finnischen Thrashern von Prestige! Supportet die Jungs, denn sie machen absolut geile Musik und sind obendrein noch symphatisch dazu! Bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi! Heavy Metal never dies!

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