„Thundermother im Interview“


Band: Thundermother
Album: Heat Wave Deluxe
Genre: Hardrock
Label: AFM Records
Release: 21.05.2021

Thundermother: Vier Rockgranaten aus Schweden! Sie spielen nicht nur Rock’n’Roll: Thundermother sind Rock’n’Roll!

Ihr aktuelles Album „Heat Wave“, veröffentlicht im Juli 2020, ist eine Rocksensation, an der man nicht vorbeikommt. Es stürmte die Charts und erreichte Topergebnisse in vielen Ländern, u. a. Platz #6 in Deutschland, Platz #8 in Schweden und Platz #15 in der Schweiz.

Das Motto der Hardrockerinnen: „We fight for Rock’n’Roll„! Thundermother halten, was sie versprechen und waren auch 2020 sehr erfolgreich auf Tournee. Trotz aller Beschränkungen zeigten sie damit als eine von wenigen Bands, dass man auch mit alternativen Konzepten touren kann. Die Fans waren begeistert, selbst wenn die Bühne auf dem Dach eines umgebauten Feuerwehrtrucks in luftiger Höhe ist! Wo die vier Schwedinnen auftreten, brennt die Luft! Damit erspielten sich Thundermother den Ruf der „am härtesten arbeitenden Band in der Rock Szene“. Das erkannte aktuell auch CAA, eine der größten Booking Agenturen der USA (u.a. Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Rammstein, Scorpions uvm.) und signten Thundermother in Windeseile für ihr Artist Roster.

Im Mai 2021 erscheint nun eine weitere Überraschung für die Fans: Thundermother veröffentlichen die „Heat Wave Deluxe Edition“. Als 2-CD Digipak und zusätzlich mit verschiedenen limitierten farbigen Doppelvinyl-Versionen. Darauf ist nicht nur das komplette Original-Album zu finden, sondern auch eine Bonus CD/Vinyl mit gleich 10 weiteren, bisher noch unveröffentlichten Tracks. Quelle AFM Records

Tobi – Metal and Me

Emlee – Thundermother

Hello Emlee from „Thundermother“.  My name is Tobi.  I run a Facebook page and a webblog.  On this page I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with my wheelchair.  On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and on the other hand, how to best proceed to get tickets, which is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals.

In the future I will also write about hygiene measures, as this is important for me as a high-risk patient and for my readers too. Of course, I also write about the bands‘ performance.  Today I have a few questions for you about your Album „Heat Wave“ and some other things.

First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your other Granates of Hardrock are doing right now?

Hi Tobi! We are all doing good, it has been really strange times but we’ve tried to stay positive and patient. We have a tour coming up next week and we are super pumped for that!

When i heard Thundermother the first time in Rock Radio in Germany i said to myself „What awesome and energetic Hardrock and a Voice that kicks you out of your Couch“. I was and i allready be impressed of your kind doing Hardrock. What Reactions did you get so far in your Career about Thundermother?

Thank you! We have been getting a lot of good reactions, not just from people but our numbers on streaming platforms has increased and our latest album ”Heat Wave” was on the charts in Germany, Sweden and Austria. So it really feels like we are on the right track! 

If you meet someone who did not now what kind of Band „Thundermother“ is and what kind of Music you make – what do you tell him?

I would say we play catchy 70’s rock but with a more modern sound. If you like bands like AC/DC and KISS you should check us out!

„Heat Wave“ is your 4th Longplayer since „Thundermother was founded. How proud are you about the success of your Music and about the fact that many of your Fans, me included, love what you do?

Super proud! It means so much that people love it, we’ve put so much hard work and passion into our music, and this is the best payoff you can get! Now we just wanna tour and play these songs live again, and to see our audience!

What is the main difference about „Heat Wave“ to the previous Album „Thundermother“?

Whats a little different with this album is that we have been writing all the songs more or less together. On the previous three albums Filippa has done most of the songwriting, and of course did that very well, but now we are very happy to all be a part of it. It creates a special bound between us and our team is stronger than ever! We also found a secret weapon, Søren Andersen, who is just a perfect match for us. He took the whole album to the next level. We just had a dream team in the studio, and a blast. I think you can hear that when you listen to the record!

Also „Heat Wave“ was chartet at 6th place in Germany, the selftitelt Album from 2018 was at 86th Place. That shows that Germany likes you. Even i can’t await your Tour to start. What do you like about your german Fans?

We definitely have our biggest fan base in Germany, and we have our management, record label and music publisher in Germany, so Germany is a very important country for us. We feel that Germany is our second home! And our German fanclub is amazing!


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Thundermother – You Can’t Handle Me

How nervous did the Band was when the release of „Heat Wave“ was there and also the Deluxe Version release was comin nearer?

We were mostly excited to release new stuff, and to be placed on the charts again with a re-release was just a big bonus for us! It was fun to do the album in times of no touring, we really needed this to stay creative and positive. Everything around it was so much fun, and to be in the Studio again with Søren was just great!

Did you design the new Vinyls of the Deluxe Version?

We were part of the whole creation and we are always part of deciding everything, but the album cover was actually our managers idea and when we saw the photo we just loved it! We also got one page each in the booklet, to do whatever we wanted with. And they all turned out different, like our personalities, haha!

In your Video „The Road is Ours“ you get a short view how energetic as hell your Shows are. How long do you need to refill your Batteries after a Gig?

We need a good nights sleep and good food. Otherwise we’re good to go! But we do maximum 4-5 shows in a row, then we need one day off to rest our voices and muscles. It’s important to rest between shows and to take care of our bodies, because we wanna do this in long term.

And in your latest Song „You Can’t Handle Me“ is there a personell experience behind?

This song was written by swedish songwriter Andreas Carlsson. It’s about owning your own sexuality, believe in yourself and do your thing. And that is something everyone can relate to, right? Of course!

How was it for you at your first time at the Wacken Open Air playing live?

We had dreamed about playing Wacken for a long time so it was a big deal for us, and it was a really special day. It started to rain like crazy and there was mud all over the place. We had to walk barefoot to the stage, to keep our stage shoes dry! During the show Fillips jumped into the mud with the crowd and played a guitar solo, and after the show we said ”We should write a song about this!”

Are there any plans of playing other Festivals in 2022 in Germany?

Yes, many of them are postponed to next year, just like Wacken. We really miss festivals and look forward to next summer!

I just saw that you play near me in Weinheim at Café Central, just didn´t know that and unfortunatly i don´t have a ticket ☹ but did you know that both Gigs are sold out? How excited are you to play infront of Fans again?

Super excited of course, we miss our audience, the fifth member of the band! We’ve done some live streams this year and it was fun but you can’t really compare that to a real audience in front of you.

How was it for you to stay in contact with your fans only via social media in these pandemic times and to find out what the mood is like in the fans‘ camp?

It has been ok, and we also have had a meet and greet once a month with our members on Getnext, a fan page where you get exclusive content from us. And social media is a really good platform to keep in touch on. Thank god we live in modern times!


How did you deal with the restrictions in the meantime? How much does it restricted you in your working life? I only get the News from Germany about the Virus, and that is enough for me and my peace of Mind. How about you in Sweden in June, 2021?

Sweden hasn’t been as closed down as other countries, so we’ve been pretty good. But of course we haven’t been able to play live shows at all and that has been tough. Right now Sweden has opened up a little more and it feels good to be able to see your friends and family again without having any bad conscience. And it feels super great to soon go on tour again, even if it’s corona restricted shows.

How have you spent your free time under Covid 19 so far?

I’ve mostly been spending time with friends and family, and Iv’e been playing a lot of drums, making drum videos and other creative stuff. Basically I’ve just been trying to enjoy the free time, because you never know when you’re gonna have this much time again.

How do you relax? I use a lot of Heavy Metal Music, to switch my Mind off.

I relax with music or a good podcast. Iron Maiden is my numer one relax music, I don’t know why, but Bruce Dickinsons voice makes me calm and warm. It always helps when I’m stressed, nervous or worried. Also I love to listen to orchestral music, especially movie soundtracks.

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies of you all?

My hobby is movies, both to watch movies and to make them. Other music than what I do in Thundermother is also a hobby, like orchestral music and play piano for example. 

Do you do „a normal Job“ beside making awesome Metal?

Nope, we don’t have any normal jobs besides Thundermother, but in these pandemic times we needed to do some other jobs to survive, but soon we’ll be 100% living on Thundermother again!

If yout got one wish…?

A happy and healthy life!

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Thank you so much for your support, you mean so much to us and we can’t wait to see you on the road soon again! Stay strong and stay healthy! 

Thanks for the interview, Emlee. Many greetings to all of you. Something that is important to me: Stay healthy for your Tour 😊  



Filippa Nässil | Guitar
Guernica Mancini | Vocal
Emlee Johansson | Drums
Majsan Lindberg | Bass


01. Loud And Alive
02. Dog From Hell
03. Back In ‘76
04. Into The Mud
05. Heat Wave
06. Sleep
07. Driving In Style
08. Free Ourselves
09. Mexico
10. Purple Sky
11. Ghosts
12. Somebody Love Me
13. Bad Habits

01. The Road Is Ours
02. Show Me What You Got
03. You Can´t Handle Me
04. Driving In Style (Acoustic)
05. Dog From Hell (Acoustic)
06. Sleep Feat. Jesper Binzer (Acoustic)
07. Give Me Some Lights (Live)
08. Thunderous (Live)
09. Hellevator (Live)
10. Rock’n’Roll Heaven (feat. Dregen & Pontus Snibb)


Photocredits: Guido Karp

Thundermother finde ich einfach großartig und habe mich sehr gefreut, mit Emlee ein Interview führen zu dürfen. Ich hoffe, dass Interview mit der symphatischen Schwedin hat euch auch gefallen und ihr bleibt mir gewogen. Bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobias! Heavy Metal never dies!

Besucht auch gerne meine Facebookseite „Metal and Me“ und beteiligt euch an der Community!