Folge 9: „12 things about… Against Evil“

Viel Spa
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Willkommen zu 12 things about色! Heute habe ich die indische Heavy Metal Formation von „Against Evil“ bei „12 things about“ und freue mich sehr, dass die „Army of Four“ hier mitgemacht und sich bereiterkl瓣rt haben, die S瓣tze zu vollenden beziehungsweise die Fragen zu beantworten, die ich ihnen geschickt habe! Viel Spa beim lesen!

12 things about色 die Heavy Metal Formation Against Evil

Cheers Cheers Siri, Sravan, Shasank and Noble John,
thank you for taking part here. Just write what you think when you want to answer the following questions or complete the sentences!

1. If I were allowed to choose a location, I would play in / on …

Siri: MetalDays Festival
Sravan: Wacken open air
Shasank: Hellfest
Noble John: Rock In Rio

2. Fastfood is okay, if

Siri: Im Busy with work/travel
Sravan: On lazy weekends
Shasank: If its not refrigerated
Noble John: Anyday

3. Veggie or not, that is the question!

Siri: I eat almost anything that flies, crawls and swims.
Sravan: Pure Non vegetarian… but I gottu eat my greens…
Shasank: Yes and No!
Noble John: Capital NO

4. If I were allowed to be an animal for one day, I would be a …

Siri: Leopard
Sravan: Eagle.. I d like to fly for once
Shasank: Royal Bengal Tiger
Noble John: Horse

5. With this legend I would like to rock the masses …

Siri: Lemmy
Sravan: David Coverdale
Shasank: Zakk Wylde
Noble John: Shasank

6. I’m on stage …

Siri: A wildling
Sravan: The reserved one
Shasank: Myself
Noble John: The Beast

7. In the tour bus I hate …

Siri: Phone calls
Sravan: Being Sober
Shasank: Those who sleep
Noble John: To get recorded

8. I prefer to be on vacation …

Siri: In Cold places
Sravan: by the beach
Shasank: 365 days a year
Noble John: Hillstation

9. I would take on a series role in …

Siri: Masuka (DEXTER)
Sravan: Gregory House (House)
Shasank: Heisenberg (Breaking Bad)
Noble John: Night King (Game of Thrones)

10. This time of the year is my favorite …

Siri: December
Sravan: December
Shasank: December
Noble John: December

11. The album that influences me most musically …

Siri: Rust in Peace
Sravan: Back in Black
Shasank: Megadeth – Rust in Peace
Noble John: Rust in Peace

12. My record collection is …

Siri: A few hundred CDs
Sravan: Not much.. everything is digital
Shasank: Only favorites
Noble John: Only digital


Thank you for participating, „Army of Four“. Stay safe and sound during these crazy times! You can buy the current album End Of The Line from Doc Gator Records in all known formats (LP, CD, MC). A review of the current album can be found HERE! Many greetings to you and I wish you, your families and friends stay healthy and that we will see you soon at a concert or festival!

Against Evil sind:
Siri | Vocals, Bass Guitar
Sravan | Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Shasank | Rhythm, Lead Guitar
Noble John | Drums

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