“Toxik im Interview”


Am 10.09.2021 werden “Toxik” bei Massacre Records ihr Album “Think This”, das 2. Album der legendären US-Prog-Thrash-Titanen aus New York, als Limited Edition Vinyl LP veröffentlichen. Das Album ist erstmals seit 1989 auf Vinyl erhältlich, außerdem ist ein neues Album in Arbeit!

Toxik gründeten sich ursprünglich 1985 und waren bis 1992 aktiv, einer Zeit, in der sie ihre beiden bahnbrechenden Thrash-Metal-Alben herausbrachten: World Circus (1987) und Think This (1989). 2013 kehrten die Thrash-Metal-Veteranen auf die Weltbühne zurück und spielten auf renommierten Metal-Festivals wie Dynamo, Keep It True, Alcatraz und Headbangers Open Air.

2017 veröffentlichte Toxik die lang erwartete EP “Breaking Class” mit einem Wiedersehen mit ihrem Sänger Charlie Sabin aus der Think This-Ära. 2018 wurde ihr Boxset “III Works” veröffentlicht, das drei Discs umfasst: die In Humanity-Aufnahmesitzungen von 2014 mit dem ursprünglichen Toxik-Sänger Mike Sanders, eine erweiterte Version der Breaking Class-EP von 2017 mit drei zusätzlichen Tracks und eine brandneue Disc von 2018 mit dem Titel Kinetischer Verschluss. Kinetic Closure enthält acht neu aufgenommene Toxik-Klassiker aus ihren beiden bahnbrechenden Alben sowie zwei neue Originaltracks.

Das Album führte auch Sänger Ron Iglesias in die Toxik-Gruppe ein. Gründungsmitglied und Leadgitarrist Josh Christian, Schlagzeuger James Demaria und Bassist Shane Boulos runden das aktuelle Lineup ab. Toxik tourt aktiv um den Globus und arbeitet hart an neuer Musik.

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Ich konnte mit Gitarrist Josh ein Interview führen, dass ich euch heute gerne präsentieren möchte! Die Band unterschrieb einen Vertrag bei Massacre Records, was mich neugierig machte 🙂

Tobi – Metal and Me

Josh – Toxik

Hello Josh from Toxik.  My name is Tobi.  I run a Facebook page and a webblog.  On this page I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with my wheelchair.  On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and on the other hand, how to best proceed to get tickets, which is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals.

In the future I will also write about hygiene measures, as this is important for me as a high-risk patient and for my readers too. Of course, I also write about the bands‘ performance.  Today I have a few questions for you about your signing at „Massacre Records“ and your upcoming Album.

How do you and the Band do, in the beginning of June 2021?

Hello Tobi thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers. I and the band are doing quite well here in the middle of the year. We are hard at work finishing the upcoming album.

How would you explain „Toxik“ to someone, who doesn’t know you?

Well, I would say that Toxik is a thrash metal band from New York that is known for socially aware lyrics and technical instrumentation beyond what most of our genre offers. We have a strong influence from earlier progressive music that sometimes is featured as our trademark… we can be a very interesting listen for a first-time listener.

Logo Massacre Records

Can you tell me about how „Toxik“ connected with „Massacre Records“?

We had been writing for a new record before Covid began and it seemed like the right time for us to make a move from the label we were with prior.  we beg” our demo to a couple of selct labels we thought would know what do with a band like Toxik. Massacre was at the top of the list so when an offer came in from them we pretty much jumped at it.

In your FB Post you wrote, that „Massacre Records“ shares your Visions. Tell my Follower, your Fans and me about your Visions anno 2021.

Oh, great question… well we have been around for a long time both as a band but also as people. At this point, we are writing a refined version of what we do. Massacre has over the years earned its place with the fans as a label that brings high-quality music and or interesting acts out. We sort of qualify… well not sort of, we qualify as both and being a band with a known name for as long as we’ve been around we have to be on the right label. Massacre could not be a better fit, and they give us a lot of creative freedoms

Toxik @ Hedon, Zwolle 2019 Toxik by Henk Brouwer

What can you tell me about the upcoming Album so far?

Tracks? 10
Cover? in the process… the album is a light concept record and the artwork reflects that.
Release? up to the label… early 2202 my guess
Vinyl? definitely
And of course what you else want to tell us.
Just that it’s a banger of a record with some of the best of what we do on it! Cannot wait to get it out there so we can go on the road and support it.

How did you deal with Covid19 so far?

Well, we the band are all vaccinated now. Several of us did have it, I included.

How have you spent your Free time under Covid 19?

Writing great music!

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

I am a writer, when its not music it’s short stories or commentary blogging somewhere. I really love to write. I am also a serious workout person using the outdoors as my gym. long-distance hikes, playground calisthenics etc

If you have one wish, you…?

Would wish for a more just world for everyone.

A few words to your fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Only that you are the greatest folks on the face of our planet and that you should all be treated like royalty for having such good tastes in music!

Thanks for the interview, Josh. Many greetings to all from the Band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and thrashy!

Thank you Tobias, Cheers!

Line Up:

Ron Iglesias @ Vocals
Josh Christian @ Guitar
Shane Boulos @ Bass
James DeMaria @ Drums


Das war mein Interview mit Josh von “Toxik”. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf das neue Material der Jungs und habe mich gefreut mit Josh ein bisschen texten zu können. Ich hoffe es hat euch auch gefallen. Bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Besucht auch gerne meine Facebookseite “Metal and Me” und beteiligt euch an der Community!

Toxik (Studio Promo Photo) by James DeMaria
Toxik (Live at Hedon Zwolle 2019) by Henk Brouwer