„Requiem im Interview“


Seit 1997 – oder seit fast 25 Jahren – ist REQUIEM eine konstante und zuverl瓣ssige Underground-DeathMetal-Urgewalt, die f羹r ihren unerbittlichen, authentischen und klassischen Ansatz in Bezug auf ihre Musik und ihre direkten Texte bekannt ist. Nach unz瓣hligen Europatourneen mit Bands wie Dismember, Vader, Belphegor und Vital Remains sowie Festivalshows mit all den anderen bekannten Namen wissen REQUIEM genau, wer sie sind – ohne etwas dem Zufall zu 羹berlassen.
Ihr neues und 8. Studioalbum „Collapse Into Chaos“ ist ein Abbild ihrer Vorstellung von wildem, mit BlastSpeed durchzogenem und kompromisslosem Old-School Death Metal. (Pressetext)

Heute pr瓣sentiere ich euch mein Interview mit Basser und Texter Ralf Winzer Garc穩a und freue mich, dass er mir Rede und Antwort stand. Euch viel Spa beim lesen des Interviews!

Tobi – Metal and Me

Ralf W. Garcia – Requiem

Hello Ralf W. Garcia (Bass/Lyrics) from REQUIEM.  My name is Tobi.  I run a Facebook page and a webblog.  On this page I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with my wheelchair. On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and on the other hand, how to best proceed to get tickets, which is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals.

In the future I will also write about hygiene measures, as this is important for me as a high-risk patient and for my readers too. Of course, I also write about the bands performance.  Today I have a few questions for you about your new Album Collapse Into Chaos.

First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your Bandmates doing right now?

Were very well thank you. Cant complain. So mainly were looking forward to the album release of Collapse Into Chaos on Friday, 25th of June and preparing for any possible upcoming gigs.

If you meet someone who did not know what kind of Band REQUIEM is and what kind of Music you make what do you tell him?

Requiem is an old school Death Metal band that exists since 1997 and mixes classic Death Metal riffs and according rhythmic patterns with a lot of blast beats and elements from both Grindcore and Crust/Punk. The lyrical content is about real life topics most of the time and handles everything that would concern us as human beings.

I dont know if people would be none the wiser with that explanation if theyre not metal fans and wouldnt know the band. But thats the most accurate Id say about us as a band.

Collapse Into Chaos is your 8th Longplayer in 25 Years of beeing a Band. How proud about this fact and the Progress you made?

Well of course were quite proud of the fact that this band is still going after such a long time and that we always released studio albums on a more or less regular basis. I personally think its not something that you think about consciously. Its only been recently when weve been asked in interviews about how we feel about our 8th album and the duration of this bands existence that we really thought about all the time and all the past experiences. So yes. Its been a really good experience so far. You know with all the albums, tours, festivals and club shows we did and were very happy with all the songs of the new album too. What more can you ask for.

Are you still nervous as you was at first time you released Nameless Grave or Formed At Birth?

Good question. Nervous – not really to be honest. More like curious prior to the release date. Like how people will respond to the new songs etc. We take great pride in working on new songs for a long time until the material is really how we want it to be. You know to iron out all the flaws in the song structures and so on. This time we tended to focus on a less is more approach in order to really get to the essence of the songs without any unnecessary embellishments and all of that. So were quite curious about how people who know us already and people wholl listen to us for the first time will respond to these new songs.

The track Mind Rape was released as first single. Why did you chose this song?

We had to talk about picking two songs for two videoclips thatll be released beforehand. Before the official album release I mean. So everyone of us made suggestions but it was quite difficult to decide on just two songs because were all very happy with all of the songs. At the end of the day we then picked Mind Rape and Mankind Never Learns (which will be featured in a second video very soon) because both songs show different sides of our style of Death Metal. Weve quite a diverse collection of songs this time and we did like the idea to show people two very different songs in relation to speed, groove and the overall song form. So I reckon when youll hear both songs after another youll understand what our intention was with that decision.

One of my favourite songs is Mankind Never Learns because of his actuality. Was it this pandemic time, that inspired you to this and other songs on Collapse Into Chaos?

Thanks. Thats very good to hear. Its one of our favourites too. So the lyrics to Mankind Never Learns and all other songs on Collapse Into Chaos were written before the pandemic even began. I personally think Mankind Never Learns is a timeless and universal topic thatll probably stay true for a very long time. Maybe even forever. Who knows. The inspiration for most lyrics are from real life experiences, global developments, scientific psychological studies and personal stuff weve seen or observed over the course of many years. Mankind Never Learns was something I wanted to write about for a long time and now its finally captured on an album.

In New World Dystopia you draw a hard picture of what will await us in future. To how many percent you think that this will happen or has already happened Mindcontrol for example.

I can only repeat myself what weve been saying in other interviews as well. None of us has a crystal ball to foresee the future obviously. So who knows. Whats very clear by now is the fact that theres a bigger change coming for many reasons. It wouldnt be possible to go into detail in just a tiny paragraph here. The world was always in a change process and the more mankind evolved, especially with technology etc., the faster the changes were applied and or just happened. So its not a question anymore if changes will come. The only question that remains is when. When you talk about mind control. Well its already happening since years.

Its just a question how you would define mind control. Naturally it doesnt look and feel like the stuff in sci-fi movies but its happening on a subconscious and subliminal level. One example are psychological tactics of big retail companies to influence potential customers into buying certain products. There are a lot of proven studies that marketing campaigns use certain psychological measures in order of trying to influence people. Its all out there already. Like I said just a small example. Theres way more to it that would probably fill whole books. But it has all been studied and researched already whats actually already going on.

Ralf, if you MUST choose which is your fav song of the upcoming album?

Well I really cant to be honest. I like them all equally. But ok if I have to it probably changes daily between All Hail The New God and Progress To Collapse Id say at the moment. If you ask me tomorrow Ill most definitely say something else.

Is there a tour planned already?

As you are probably well aware of the current situation it is a bit tricky at the moment. So planning a tour is currently rather difficult. There are still a lot of known unknowns and question marks when club gigs will finally come back. By the looks of it its promising that we might be able to play a few shows until the end of this year. But apart from that I couldnt say at the moment. We talked about it recently and well tour in support of Collapse Into Chaos. The question is when exactly thats gonna happen. Preferably rather sooner than later obviously.

How is it for you to stay in contact with your fans via social media in these pandemic times and to find out what the mood is like in the fans camp?

We do have several social media platforms for the band but its probably our facebook page which is most used by us to connect to people who are interested. Sometimes people send us direct messages as well. But were not the band that is all the time active every day on all social media platforms. Wed prefer to talk and meet people personally and fellow Death Metal fans at club gigs and festivals since we are still big fans of the genre ourselves. Its just something that feels more natural to us than just solely posting stuff all the time on social media. Im very aware that thats the thing to do nowadays but we tend to do things our own way. So we like the more personal real life approach if you get my drift.

How did you deal with the restrictions in the meantime?  How much does it restricted you in your working life? I only get the news from Germany about the virus, and that is enough for me and my peace of mind. How about you in May/June, 2021?

Well we kept on practising. Not always all of us but mostly Reto (Drums) and Phil (Guitars) and Michi (Vocals). So we made the best out of the situation. Originally it was planned to record all instruments at the Iguana Studio near Freiburg/Germany and then just mix it at the Little Creek Studio with V.O. Pulver in Switzerland but then the restrictions came and we had to find another solution. But it worked out well since we are a very pragmatic band. We adapt quickly and dont tend to dwell on obstaclees too long. So I cant really say that it had a bigger or very negative impact on the band so far. Now obviously we would like to play live and especially play the new songs but well see about that. Well just wait and see how that goes.

We are all very well informed whats going on in Europe since we always played in several different countries throughout most years. Look – well see when and whats possible when its the right time. We are ready and well prepared for the day club gigs will be back in a way that were used to without restrictions I mean.

How have you spent your free time under Covid 19 so far?

I moved to another country last year. So I had enough to do with that which was quite convenient because we didnt really have the time to get concerned about all the constant talk that was going on and still is going on. Apart from that not much has changed. Im still practising my instrument every day and write/record new music in different styles.

How do you relax? I use a lot of Heavy Metal Music, to switch my mind off.

A lot of walks outside in the beautiful Irish nature. Having chats and fun with friends. Reading books and being creative with writing lyrics/music and recording new stuff is what I like very much. Watching interesting documentaries and TV series is a regular part of my weekly schedule as well.

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies of you all?

Music always played a central role in my personal life from an early age. So apart from that. I do sports for myself. Im very interested in reading books and historical documentaries etc. and travelling. Ive a very multinational family so the travelling part comes with that automatically.

Some band members have families with kids and dogs. Others like to travel to places with warm and sunny weather etc. So were very diverse people Id say.

Do you do a normal Job beside making awesome Metal?

Since a few years now Im a full time musician teaching/tutoring bass and music theory and Im playing gigs and studio recording sessions too. Besides that Im a guitar & bass tech for international touring bands and stage/backline manager for various festivals.

If youd got one wish?

Well where to start. There are so many things going on in the world. At the moment my biggest wish would be that the current situation and the stupidity of many related things would just stop to exist. Apart from that social equality and free education for everyone would be very good. From a personal perspective itd be the wish that my family, friends and I will live a healthy and fulfilled life.

A few words to your fans out there in Germany and all the others in the world?

Thanks for everything of course. We dont take it for granted that people like our music. So were very grateful for the support over all those years and we hope that well see familiar and new faces very soon at club gigs and festivals when well be able to play live again.

Thanks for the interview, Ralf W. Garcia. Many greetings to all of you. Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and good luck for the release of your new album!

Thanks a million Tobi. It was nice talking to you. Take care and all the best.

Meine Review zum Album von Requiem gibt es auch bald zu lesen, dies war zum瓣chst das Interview mit dem sehr sympathischen Ralf. Ich hoffe, ihr seit neugierig auf die Jungs geworden und werft ein Ohr auf ihre Musik! Bis zum n瓣chsten Mal – bleibt gesund und munter, euer Tobi!

Requiem sind:

Michi Kuster – Vocals
Phil Klauser – Gitarre
Matze Schiemann – Gitarre
Ralf Winzer Garc穩a – Bass
Reto Crola – Drums

REQUIEM Collapse Into Chaos
erh瓣ltlich ab 25.06.2021
CD Digipak

  1. Fade Into Emptiness
  2. Collapse Into Chaos
  3. Mind Rape
  4. Down To Zero
  5. All Hail The New God
  6. Only Empty Words Remain
  7. Progress To Collapse
  8. Mankind Never Learns
  9. Ivory Morals
  10. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  11. New World Dystopia
  12. World Downfall (Outro)

Photocredit: Nati

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