Folge 5: „12 things about…Nergard“

Bandloogo (from Albumcover „Eternal White“)

Hallo zu „12 things…about“ heute mit „Nergard“. Die multinationale Band releasten am 21.05.2021 ihr Konzeptalbum „Eternal White“. Die Review gabs bei mir ebenfalls. Heute hat mir die Band meine 12 Fragen beantwortet bzw. die Sätze vollendet. Viel Spaß dabei!

Cheers Stefani, Andreas, Andi K., Mathias, Ørjan from Nergard,
thank you for participating here. Just write what you think when you want to answer the following questions or complete the sentences!

12 things about – the whole amazing „Nergard“ – Crew

1. If I were allowed to choose a location, I would play in / on…

Stefani: …70000 Tons of Metal- would be incredible – although I am a little afraid of ships! So perhaps Wembley for safety!!!
Andreas: …Budokan
Andi K.: …the Grand old Opry! A live music radio show that’s been going on since 1925.
Mathias: …Rock In Rio as a headliner, can’t imagine what it’s like to perform for that many people
Ørjan: …Wackeeeen! Bin there a few times as a spectator and I would love to be on one of the stages in front of a horde of people! 😀

2. Fast food is okay if…

Stefani: …t’s a last resort!
Andreas: …i’m hungover 
Andi K.: …it’s Asian street food.
Mathias: …you want some fast food, I’m not that picky. And road trips.
Ørjan: it‘s KFC!!! Don’t have that in Norway.

3. Veggie or not, that is the question!

Stefani: …Vegetables are great (except you sprouts!) but sustainable meat consumption is the answer for me!
Andreas: …i love Hamburgers too much
Andi K.: …where’s the BEEF?!
Mathias: …i’m not a vegetarian (And Stefani is wrong about sprouts)
Ørjan: …Nope.

4. If I were allowed to be an animal for one day, I would be a…

Stefani: …a well looked after dog – constantly happy with life and able to snooze all day.
Andreas: …a slot. Talk about a relaxing life
Andi K.: …Dog. They have the best life.
Mathias: …a dog. Or maybe for just an hour or so experience what it’s like to be as stupid and vancant as an ostrich
Ørjan: …Probably a dog. It looks fun being a dog.

5. With this legend I would like to rock the masses…

Stefani: …Freddie Mercury if he were still alive! Or Bruce Dickinson.
Andreas: …David Coverdale
Andi K.: …gotta be Yngwie Malmsteen.
Mathias: …Tony Iommi
Ørjan: …David Coverdale 😀

6. I’m on stage…

Stefani: …finally feeling like it’s where I belong.
Andreas: …constantly reminded of what a bad shape I’m in
Andi K.: scared out of my ass.
Mathias: …desperately trying to remember the first line of the first song
Ørjan: …the one with the feet longest apart.

7. In the tour bus I hate…

Stefani: …the toilets- or lack thereof!!!
Andreas: …People snoring
Andi K.: …not being able to go to the bathroom when I want to.
Mathias: …i would like to answer, but I have never been on a tour bus.
Ørjan: …nothing. I would love to go on tour!

8. I prefer to be on vacation…

Stefani: …somewhere sunny, with fresh seafood, ice cream and a beach to collect as many shells as I want!
Andreas: …somewhere sunny, in a pool with a beer in my hand
Andi K.: …alone in luxury!
Mathias: …either some big city or somewhere warm. Or both. But I think who I’m traveling with is more important.
Ørjan: …in a big city. But sometimes you can’t beat drinking beer on a sunny beach.

9. I would take on a series role in…

Stefani: …Star Trek or James Bond
Andreas: …Game Of Thrones
Andi K.: …Star Trek The Next Generation.
Mathias: …Dexter, as a dead body. I’m a horrible actor
Ørjan: …Supernatural, as Lucifer 🙂

10. This time of the year is my favorite…

Stefani: …the very end of summer, when it’s still sunny but cold enough at night to light a fire.
Andreas: …Spring, I love when the world wakes up again after a long cold sleep
Andi K.: Summer, is there any other answer?
Mathias: …i prefer summer.
Ørjan: …Summer!

11. The album that influences me most musically…

Stefani: …several albums at different stages of my life changed the way I thought and felt about music – From Enya, to Nightwish, to Meatloaf, to Nick Cave. Definitely too many to pick just one!
Andreas: …Nightwish – Dark Passion Play
Andi K.: …Chimp Spanner – At The Dream’s Edge
Mathias: …Kiss – Greatest Kiss was the album that made me a hard rock fan and made me want to play in a band. 
Ørjan: …i would say «Dire Straits – On the night» because that album inspired me to pick up a guitar for the first time as a kid. When I got a bit older, Hatebreeder and the Wishmaster album really kicked open the metal genre for me.

12. My record collection is…

Stefani: …Mad, Sad, Crazy and Diverse!
Andreas: …in a box, unused for the past ten years. Damn you Spotify!  
Andi K.: …Dusty!
Mathias: …mostly metal. By the time my taste in music got more diverse streaming was an option.
Ørjan: …Diverse!

Thank you for taking part, „Nergard“ 😊. Stay safe and sound during these crazy times!

„12 things about…Nergard“ hat hoffentlich gefallen und euch die multinationale Symphonic Metal Band nähegeracht. Hört in ihr aktuelles Album rein. 🙂 -> Review <-Danke fürs Lesen und bleibt gesund!

Stefani Keogh | Vocals
Mathias Molund Indergård | Vocals
Andi Kravljaca | Guitar, Keyboard
Ørjan Halsan | Rhythm Guitar
Andreas Nergård | Drums, keys & orchestrations