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Am 23.04.2021 veröffentlichten “Mister Misery” ihr Album “A Brighter Side Of Death” -> Reviewlink <- und heute habe ich ein Interview mit der kompletten Band für euch! Monstermäßigen Spaß beim lesen wünsche ich euch!

Metal and Me – Tobi

Mister MiseryHarley, Alex, Rizzy, Alister

Hello Mister Misery. My name is Tobi. I run a Facebook page and a webblog. On this page I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with my wheelchair. On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and on the other hand, how to best proceed to get tickets, which is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals.

In the future I will also write about hygiene measures, as this is important for me as a high-risk patient and for my readers too. Of course, I also write about the bands‘ performance. Today I have a few questions for you about your new Album „A Brighter Side Of Death“.

First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your Bandmates doing right now?

Harley: we’re doing good and it feels great to finally have the album out for people to hear. All the stress has washed off and we are very pleased with the results!

Rizzy: Hey, we´re holding up okay and keeping our spirits up as much as we can in these strange times.

Alex: We’re happy and exhausted! There has been so much work in order to get all the details in place for the album and now it’s out for the world to hear!

Alister: Just great! So awesome to finally have the album out! Now we can focus on things like rehearsing it, covid may put the world on hold but there’s no stoping us!

And how are you when you think about April 23rd, 2021?

Harley: An amazing new chapter is now out and it feels pretty rewarding to have a second studio record out!

Rizzy: Oh man! That day was amazing. To finally release our massive album to the world feels fantastic! We have put a lot of work into this album and we had a blast celebrating our release with a livestream along with Wacken! I think it takes some time to really grasp the whole feeling of it all but overall it’s just amazing!

Alex: It was a great milestone and such a fun day! Great feelings throughout that day!

Alister: That day was magical! In my case since I’m the newest member, being a part of something like this is quiet unreal! We got to join wacken in a livestream and also talked to a lot of other great people which was great.

Where have you been all those years I’ve been looking for Metal that has various scary scenarios on the subject, but isn’t Black Metal!

Harley: We’ve been doing music things separate before we finally found each other. Maybe the starts just aligned in 2018 and now here we are.

Rizzy: Right behind you in the shadows to wait for the right time.

Alex: Still waiting to be resurrected from the dead. It takes quite a few years!

Alister: Like Harley said we’ve all been doing a lot of different things music wise before we met! Old bands etc!

In which genre of metal would you see “Mister Misery”?

Harley: It’s always hard to put us in a slot and I don’t necessarily think you have to. In a way you can call us Metal or Metalcore but there are aspects of trash and glam in there as well.

Rizzy: I think our music fits a lot of different genres and metal lovers so it is very hard to be specific. But I could say modern/alternative metal is a big common denominator.

How great was the response after your debut album and how much has the interest in you grown since then? Especially since the announcement of the new album?

Harley: Really good! We got overwhelmingly good responses and we couldn’t be happier about it! I feel we are finally on the map now and people take us way more seriously now because of our development on this record.

Rizzy: The response has gone through the roof. There are so many fans and people that love the album which feels amazing. There are a lot of love and positive comments everywhere and we noticed that we’ve gotten more & more fans all over the world. We have so many to thank for this to happen of course but one specific event that really gave us more attention was when we had the livestream with Wacken on the release day.

Alex: It’s been mind-blowing! We were already surprised for the incredible response of ‘Unalive’, and now it’s so much more! It’s hard to grasp! The key is just to be thankful, enjoy it and just keep doing what we love! It reflects towards the fans a lot.

Alister: The responses has been amazing! People seem to love this album as much as we do. We’ve noticed new fans joining the mister misery army from a lot of new places around the globe! And also theese kind of responses is one of the things that drives us forward, our Fans really are the best and the most spooky!

„Ballad Of The Headless Horseman“ and „Devil In Me“ were the first singles to release from your new Studioalbum. Why this two songs?

Harley: Rizzy: Those two songs felt natural for us to have as the first singles because it had all the heavy elements that would represent the new chapter of Mister Misery and the album in a very good way. It’s that very heavy,aggressive pulsing sound with big and epic choruses that that makes you wanna headbang the sh*t out of it.

What is the main difference between „A Brighter Side Of Death“ and your last Realease „Unalive“?

Harley: It’s more mature I would say. The writing has improved as well as our production and mixing. Lyrically it’s a lot more developed as well.

Rizzy: I think the biggest part was in the production and mixing. I had the honour to produce all the orchestral elements in this album that really took it to a whole new level.

Alex: What the others said and also that it’s more heavy in the sound. We tuned down the guitars even more from ‘Unalive’ to get that extra punch!

Alister: I remember hearing some of the new songs for the first time and saying that this record is “unalive on steroids”. More evil, more technical, just… more!

The new tracks are creepy, bloody and powerful and also emotional. How long did you write to them and how long did it take for them to be ready for our Ears?

Harley: hard to say, some songs were written a long time ago and took about 2-3 years to be ready for the ears. Some songs are newer creations and maybe took a month to figure out.

Do you have a song that you particularly like on „ABSOD“?

Harley: I’ll have to stick with Ballad Of The Headless Horseman but the other songs are growing even more on me.

Rizzy: That is a tricky question because for me this album has so many good songs in it and my favorite song almost varies from day to day. But if I look back on when we made the album ‘Devil In Me’ was that one song that really stood out that made a big impact on me so i have to say that one.

Alex: I’ll have to go with ‘Ballad Of The Headless Horseman’. It has everything I love in metal.

Alister: Ballad Of The Headless Horseman will always have a special place in my heart since it’s the first single! I’ll never forget when we arrived at the shooting location, it literally felt like we stepped into “Sleepy Hollow but in the mind of Mister Misery”. I LOVE all the songs tho… Burn is pretty high on my list!

Have you thought about a Horror-Stream-Event? Perhaps now or at Halloween?

Harley: Something like that would be cool!

Rizzy: You never now.. A ghost never reveals its secrets…

The Cover is very scary with this Ghost-Women on it. From who of you was the Idea?

Rizzy: We came up with this character by ourselves. We threw some ideas around in a brainstorm meeting that eventually landed into this cool thing that fits the band perfectly. The final goal was to illustrate a creature that is the queen/ruler of a world between worlds. Like in some kind of void or something. But we couldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for our amazing illustrator artist: Guillaume Ducos, that made an absolutely incredible work. He also made our other artworks for our singles.

Alex: We had an idea to pay tribute to our fans, since we call them Ghosts, we thought that it would be cool to have a ghost-like character on the album cover, as a token of appriciation to our fans!

Can you imagine to write/sing Songs about other Things like slaying Dragons, saving Princesses? Or eventually do a Concept-Album about a Horror Movie?

Harley: Not much about dragons maybe! But concept albums, hell yeah!

Rizzy: I don’t think we would write about dragons and stuff in that way but a concept album has been on the table so that is maybe possible.

Alex: The whole power metal way of writing lyrics will probably never happen with Mister Misery, but the thoughts about a concept album have been spoken of as a cool idea. You never know!

Alister: maybe not to much about dragons and saving princesses… but a cool horror concept album would sweet!

A few words to the fans who definitely can’t wait to hear you live. Are there any plans about a streaming Event, because Covid19 makes it nearly impossible to play live in Germany or other Countries.

Harley: We are hungrier than ever now to get back on the stage and we’re gonna step up our game like you’ve never seen before!

Rizzy: We can’t wait to tour again and we are dying to play live shows and to meet all of our fans out there, so we need to hold out a little longer for now, but until then I can only say that we are working hard in our Misery lab… We will see what happens.

Alister: We’re coming for you. Welcome to the show.

How is it to you to stay in contact with your fans? How do you find out, in these pandemic times, what the mood is like in the fans‘ camp?

Harley: Social media works really well to connect with the fans and we usually answer DM’s.

Rizzy: We are trying our best to stay in touch with our fans as much as we can throughdifferent social media platforms. I think we have very good contact with our fans and we are trying to be honest and transparent for them to see that we are here for them by making music and doing what we love. Releasing our new album was the best way to brighten everybody’s mood up in these very strange times.

Alex: Social media all the way! We have to consider ourselves lucky to live in a modern society where it’s possible to communicate with people around the world. Imagine how silent and even more boring it would have been if this would have happened in the 80s.

Alister: Totally agree with the others! Social media is the key when it comes to that! Many fans write to us via Instagram. Always try to answer as many as possible and show how thankful I/We are for their love and support!

How did you deal with the restrictions in the meantime? How much does it restrict you in your working life?

Harley: I prefer being home writing music and hanging out with my friends and I’ve never been much of a club guy, so it hasn’t hindered my private life that much! However it sucks not to play live and meet the fans of course.

Rizzy: Here in Sweden we don’t have those hard restrictions that some other countries have so it hasn’t been that big a difference I would say. We Swedes are used to social distancing even before covid.. Haha, joking!. 🙂

Alex: In my working life, not much at all. When it comes to being social, then it’s been quite severe! I’m the one in the band who likes to socialise and be everywhere.

Alister: Working has carried along quiet nice! The difficult thing for me is that I love to be around people, and saying that something like that is hard in theese times is an understatement haha!

How have you spent your Free time under Covid 19 so far?

Harley: Writing music and working out! Playing card games and watching movies!

Rizzy: We’ve been rehearsing and hanging out as much as we can to keep our spirits up and to prepare ourselves for live shows when the time finally comes.

Alex: Writing music, working out, moving to a new apartment and trying to get new energy overall in life!

Alister: Been practicing a lot, moved into an apartment, got a cat… it’s been pretty nice after all!

If you could privately go to a concert in this, sorry for the expression, shitty corona pandemic, which one would it be?

Harley: I’d go see Rammstein.

Rizzy: I still have tickets sitting and waiting for Rammstein’s Stadium Tour that I can’t wait to go to!

Alex: We all agree, Rammstein for me as well! I still have the tickets for the Stadium Tour and the wait keeps going on.

Alister: I had tickets for KISS’s last tour and would definetly choose that one since I’m a huge kiss fan!

Is Heavy Metal and the Subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to Pause and just listen?

Rizzy: Yeah, definitely! But also I’m a ‘mood of the day’ kind of guy that listens to all kinds of music in all different genres that helps me escape reality for a while to feel inspired.. It could go from Architects, Jinjer, Toto, Snarky Puppy to even movie scores of Hans Zimmer.

Alex: Very much so! But I can also listen to pop, electronica, Elvis, Toto or anything really!

Alister: absolutely! But I prefer to listen to what I just consider good, no matter the genre!

Which Subgenres do you listen to?

Harley: All of them almost. Melodic death metal, pop punk, Trash and the list goes on.

Rizzy: Like i said before i listen to a lot of different ones but now there are a lot of alternative metal bands that i listen to.

Alister: I used to listen to a lot of gothic music! No days I mostly put on some 70s-80s heavy metal!

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

Harley: I like to be healthy and work out. I’m also a gamer so I play video games and watch movies.

Rizzy: I love to work with my hands and to build stuff. Watching movies and series, playing video games and spending time with my family.

Alex: Gaming, go to the gym, travel, discover new places and go to concerts/festivals.Alister: Play video games, watch a sh*tload of movies, should really get into reading books cuz I love to imagine stories and such in my head!

Which Horror Movie is your Fav, you can also tell me the Favs from the other Bandmates. I’m watching Supernatural at the Moment – great Series!

Harley: I will stick with “Hereditary” I also like the conjuring movies.

Rizzy: My favorite horror movie is The Ring and when it comes to other really good series I will say The Expanse.

Alex: Bram Stokers Dracula

Alister: same as Alex! Bram Stokers Dracula.

And who of the Monsters, like Freddy, Jason, Pinhead etc., do you like the most?

Harley: Pennywise

Rizzy: Pennywise.

Alex: Freddy

Alister: Pennywise!! Jigsaw is pretty sick too!

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

Harley: Stay ghastly and blast the living shit out our new record!!!

Rizzy: Blast our new album ¨A Brighter Side Of Death¨ as much as you can and thank you so much for your endless love and support! We can’t wait to tour again and to show the world the new era of Mister Misery! We are coming for you!

Alex: Alister: Stay true to yourselves, stay awesome and thank you for supporting us, we love you and we can’t WAIT to see you all soon!

Thanks for the interview,  Mister Misery. Many greetings to all from the Band. Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and heavy.


Mister Misery are:
Harley Vendetta | Vocals/Guitar
Alex Nine | Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals
Rizzy | Drums/Backup Vocals
Alex Alister | Bass/Backup Vocals

Photocredit: Seike Clowniac

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