„12 things about … Neptune“


Willkommen zu „12 things about…“! Heute habe ich nicht einen, nicht zwei oder drei, nein, alle fünf Mitglieder der Band Neptune aus Schweden haben sich bereiterklärt, die Sätze zu vollenden beziehungsweise die Fragen zu beantworten, die ich ihnen geschickt habe! Viel Spaß beim lesen!

Cheers Row, Anders, Jonzy (Jonas), Jan Tosh and Johan!

thank you for taking part here. Just write what you think, when you want to answer the following questions or complete the sentences!

12 things about – the whole amazing „Neptune“ – Crew!

1. If I were allowed to choose a location, I would play in / on…

Row Alex: Germany – Wacken Open Air Festival
Anders Olsson: Thanks to the pandemic and the fact that we have not been able to play outside for a long time … any festival!
Jonzy:…Wacken, Sweden Rock
Jan Tosh: …so many festivals I want to take part in but I will say Wacken Open in Germany.
Johan: …Wacken!

2. Fast food is okay if…

Row Alex: …it’s a Swedish Tunnbröds Rulle
Anders Olsson: …Uhu, proper burger and not Mc Donald’s.. but proper (restaurant burger) isn’t really fast food then.. So.. I would go for the “uber Swedish” Tunnbrödrulle then.
Jonzy: …you have a cold beer to wash it down with.
Jan Tosh: …if I really have to.
Johan: …it does not happen too often.

3. Veggie or not, that is the question!

Row Alex: …If it has a lots of chilli in it. 
Anders Olsson: Doesn’t matter as long as it proper made and taste good. Actually try to much (red) meet lately.
Jonzy:  Not, real Vikings need meet not grass.
Jan Tosh: If I need to choose it would be veggie, fort he planet.
Johan: Like both.

4. If I were allowed to be an animal for one day, I would be a…

Row Alex:…Dolphin, and then be able to meet Neptune i real life!
Anders Olsson:…an eagle… really want to try to fly.
Jonzy:…a Chihuahua.
Jan Tosh: …bird, absolutly. Who would not want to, or have been dreaming of be able to fly?
Johan: Eagle!

5. With this legend I would like to rock the masses…

Row Alex:…Rob Halford!
Anders Olsson: I’m of course mostly influenced by guitarists, but I would prefer to rock the masses with Ronni James Dio then.
Jonzy:…Rob Halford.
Jan Tosh: …Judas Priest. Playing with the inventors of metal would be euphoric!
Johan: Rob Halford.

6. I’m on stage…

Row Alex: …then i’m Happy!
Anders Olsson: …probably of stage as well.. and taking care of all the extra technical equipment we carry with us. all at the same time. Uhu.. that’s messy.
Jonzy: …every day!
Jan Tosh: …and feel that I’m in the right place. A childhood dream that has come true and you easily become humble and grateful. More than you can show.
Johan: …excited!

7. In the tour bus I hate…

Row Alex:…the small Space.
Anders Olsson:…when the beer or wine is finished.
Jan Tosh: …to need to pee.
Johan: …long distances.

8. I prefer to be on vacation…

Row Alex:…in Brasil, Ilheus BA
Anders Olsson:..in southern France!
Jan Tosh: …in a child-free adult hotel in a warm country where they serve good Jack & Coke.
Johan: Greece.

9. I would take on a series role in…

Row Alex:..Vikings (Netflix)
Anders Olsson:…i’m not a series guy.. but.. lets go for Vikings then.
Jan Tosh: …i would take a series role in a nerdy documentary about people who love to be one with nature.
Johan: …i´ll pass!

10. This time of the year is my favorite…

Row Alex:..Summertime.
Anders Olsson:…I would say summer because of all the festivals.
Jan Tosh: …the summer because it is so short and long awaited after the long winter up here in the north.
Johan: …Summer.

11. The album that influences me most musically…

Row Alex: …(That was a Hard Question Tobi!!)…there’s more then 10.! But if i most pic one..It’s Judas Priest/British Steel.
Anders Olsson: ..Something from the 80.. probably Assault Attack with MSG.
Jonzy: …British Steel/Judas Priest.
Jan Tosh: …British Steel (Judas Priest). Such a new and heavy sound and great songs.
Johan: …Screaming for Vengeance!

12. My record collection is…

Row Alex: …Empty…Always reocrded Music from Tommy Mikkonen-collection. (Neptune Ex. Drummer) to cassette tapes. And now they are gone… 🥴
Anders Olsson: …not large enough… and will never be
Jonzy:…in the Garage!
Jan Tosh: …95 % of my collection is from the 80’s and goes from AOR to Heavy Metal. The 5 % in addition to these are actually records I got as a very young boy and which I still listen to today. David Cassidy Leo Sayer is underrated.
Johan: …stolen!


Thanks to the complete band of „Neptune“ for answering these „12 things about … Neptune“. You can buy the current album „Northern Steel“ in their WEBSHOP – you can find my review HERE! Greetings to beautiful Sweden. I wish you and your families and friends stay healthy and that we will see you soon at a concert or festival! I raise my horn on you, Skol!

Dankeschön an die komplette Band von „Neptune“, dass sie mir diese „12 Dinge über…Neptune“ beantwortet haben. Das aktuelles Album „Northern Steel“ könnt ihr in ihrem WEBSHOP kaufen – meine Review dazu gibt es HIER! Viele liebe Grüße ins schöne Schweden. Ich wünsche euch, dass ihr und eure Familien und Freunde gesund bleibt und das wir uns bald auf einem Konzert oder Festival sehen! Ich erhebe mein Horn auf euch, Skol!