„Feanor im Interview“


Am 23.04.2021 erscheint das neue Studioalbum der True Metal Formation „Feanor“. Das gute Stück heißt „The Power Of The Chosen One“. Ihr bekommt natürlich auch eine Review zur neuen Platte, doch zunächst freue ich mich, dass Gustavo Feanor Acosta, kurz Gus, meine Fragen beantwortet hat. Das tat er in einer Art, wie ich es nicht oft zu lesen bekommen habe. Man spürt seine Leidenschaft für den Metal in jedem einzelnen Satz. Ich bekam während dem lesen seiner Antworten eine Gänsehaut und spürte das Charisma dieses Mannes über den Ozean herübersprudeln. Dankeschön, Brother of Metal, für deine Zeit und deine ausführlichen Antworten auf meine Fragen.

Auch Sven´d Anna (Wizard, Feanor) beantwortete eine meiner Fragen! Dankeschön Sven 🙂 Ausserdem, das möchte ich hier nochmal erwähnen, organisierte Sven die Unterschriften unserer deutschen Metal-Institution „Wizard“ auf einem meiner „Metal and Me Autogrammshirt“. Danke nach Bocholt für den Support!

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On April 23rd, 2021 the new studio album of the true metal formation „Feanor“ will be released. The good piece is called „The Power Of The Chosen One“. Of course you will also get a review of the new record, but first of all I’m happy that Gustavo Feanor Acosta, Gus for short, answered my questions. He did that in a way that I haven’t read often. You can feel his passion for metal in every single sentence. I got goose bumps reading his answers and felt the charisma of this man gushing over the ocean. Thank you, Brother of Metal, for your time and your detailed answers to my questions.

Sven D’Anna (Wizard, Feanor) also answered one of my questions! Thank you Sven 🙂 Also, I would like to mention that again, Sven organized the signatures of our German metal institution „Wizard“ on one of my „Metal and Me autograph shirts“. Thanks to Bocholt for the support!

Gus – Feanor

Sven – Feanor

Tobi – Metal and Me

Hello Gus from Feanor.  My name is Tobi.  I run a Facebook page and a webblog.  On this page I post reviews of current albums, interviews, band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with my wheelchair.  On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and on the other hand, how to best proceed to get tickets, which is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals. In the future I will also write about hygiene measures, as this is important for me as a high-risk patient and for my readers too. Of course, I also write about the bands‘ performance.  Today I have a few questions for you about your new Album „Power Of The Chosen One“.

First of all, I want to ask you, how are you and your Bandmates doing right now?

Hello Tobi, thanks a lot for reaching out, we`re all doing well, at least in terms of health which is a big thing nowadays. Me and my family had the virus, but thanks god we sorted it out quite well.

Friends of Tolkien’s works will know where the name „Feanor“ comes from. For those who don’t know, you can now educate.

Feanor was a quiet controversial figure in Tolkien`s world, brilliant yet filled with imperfections, probably the most human-like figure of all, not an easy character to refer to, but he has embbebed on his DNA many common things we all metalheads have… Fight for your rights, fight for your ideals, dream big and work hard, kneel to no one, accept no betrayal, etc. Again, not a black/white guy, a really grey one, but I feel very close to him, in the matter of fact my daugther`s name is Miriel, you Tolkien freaks will understand…

And how are you when you think about April the 23nd, 2021?

I think that we started this mission back in 2018, so to see the light at the end of the tunnel after so much work put into this is kinda unreal, is one of those moments in life that you dont ^Fall^ inmediately. I think it will take a while for me until finally realize the importance of this album and what really represents and means for the FEANOR career and as well for David, Sven all all the other guys.

Again, about that date… I feel quiet comfortable, knowing that we did our best, and I personally gave it all, I have nothing on my tank, it is empty.

„Rise Of The Dragon was the first singles to release from your new Studioalbum.  Why this song?


I remember clear as the day… after the last gig of our tour with David, we were hanging out on his room in the hotel in Brazil, and we felt so great playing together, it just CAN`T be the last time we meet, so I`ve asked him (I mean David) about moving foward and make an album together.

He said YES of course and the first song he came up with was RISE OF THE DRAGON, David wanted to increase the vision he portraited on TRIUMPH OF STEEL and wasn`t able to do so, therefore this song is very special for us, is the first song David wrote with us, and of course it HAD to be the first one to be released out there, it has all the ingredients from the Ride The Dragon song he wrote with Manowar, plus the beautiful vocal lines of Sven and a lyric that reflects more or less to his return to the worldwide main stage of true metal by the hand with FEANOR.

What can we expect from your new album?  What is the main difference between „Power Of The Chosen One“and your last Realease?

Before this album we released WE ARE HEAVY METAL, in that album we had ROSS THE BOSS on lead guitar in 4 tracks and David in 2, all drums by Frank Gilchriest (RIOT) and even a song with TONY MARTIN (Black Sabbath) in vocals, that album was sort of saying our „Introduction“ to the worldwide metal world, before that we did a couple of albums in spanish and toured our country profusely, but that album was our first step into the international metal scenario, and we did it with Feanorian grandeour kinda HERE WE ARE, we spoke loud and clear.

WE ARE HEAVY METAL! Now that we have the true metal people attention and we need to show we`re for real, and what better way to do it than having a former Manowar guitar player like David playing and composing with us and such a fantastic singer like Sven. So this album means a lot to us, is super special to have yet again the trust of our label MASSACRE backing us up and as a Manowar fan, for me is a huge satisfaction, since no much material has merged in the last years on this vein, and this album is real, this album is not a pose, this album is made by fans, to fans of this music and style. I guarantee you that.

The new tracks are full of Energy, Agression and Power.  How long did you write to them and how long did it take for them to be ready for our Ears?

Some songs from this album took very little time to get to his kinda final shape, others took years, like The Odyssey, which was finished while on studio. For us is a delicate balance between perfection and rawness, we don`t like to sound too sintetic like most of the bands sounds nowadays… hyper compressed and quantized, kinda clock like, we wanted to keep the organic feel on the songs, but yet make them perfect in terms of playing and compostition, for example the ending of RISE OF THE DRAGON took us 33 different takes to make it right. And so on, I can tell you that each minute of this album has hundreds of hours behind.

How would you describe song number 10 – The Return Of The Metal King (The Odyssey In 9 Parts) – if you had to tell your friend about it.

Insanity at his highest point… It was at the beggining something like ¨What if…¨ and started to grow slowly… The good thing about this is that I knew the story back and forth, it wasn`t difficult for me at all to figure it out the overall shape. I have accomplished a couple of goals with this: First I wanted to make something people can hear with closed eyes and transport themself into the story frame, the second mandatory thing… NO SOLOS, I hate them, spoils all the musicality a song of this caliber might have, third I wanted to surprise people, you dont know what is going to happen round the corner… is going to be a fast part?

A piano interlude? A siren is coming? You don`t know… it has to be fresh and yet keep the storyline checked. Yes, I`ve took some literal liberties, this is not meant to be a simply book transcription, we included some of our scent on it, for example on the ¨MIRROR¨ part where ¨Odysseus¨ looks himself in a mirror and questions emerges… things like that. All in all, I think people will find all on this track, choruses, David`s classical guitars, antique instruments, fast part, mellow parts, piano parts, middle tempo parts, riding king parts, atmosferic scenes. Again, we gave it all.

How hard was it without Plugins or Synths?

Incredible hard, we recorded the pianos on a studio, the classical guitars in USA, the strings in Buenos Aires, the antique instruments on a different studio, all guitars and bass trought actual cabinets with microphones, drums for real not electronic midi drums…female singers, multiple choirs… always trying to work with top of the line stuff, meaning that the production costs where indeed quiet high…

Do you have a song that you particularly like on „Power Of The Chosen One“?

Is like choosing a son, you just can`t, you love them all the same, but of course in terms of work and accomplish feeling The Return Of The Metal king has a special place in my heart.

Where do you get the inspiration for your songs from?

This as you know is a group`s effort, so my singer and each one of the band`s members have contributed to the final shape of the material, but one of the things Demaio`s explained quiet well is that when you talk about ¨Fight¨ your`re not talking about punching someone in the fucking face, your`re talking of awakening in the mourning with a whole day head of you.

There is your battle, you need to fight for your dreams, fight to accomplish what you want, you don`t lay down in bed depressed and mourning the whole day, you rise up and do the best that you can with the weapons given to you to perform at your best and be as happy as possible. Thats the real meaning laying behind our lyrics, be the best version of yourself isnt easy, it needs work, compromise and commitment, perphas listening a FEANOR song in your moments of weakness will give you that extra boost you need. That`s what we`re aming for, and if it works then we can consider for real our job to be done.


The Cover-Artwork is absolte fucking great. From who was the Idea for it?

I had that Idea, thanks man, glad you liked it. It is for real a great motive of proudness to all of us and we will surely continue working with the same artist (DUSAN MARKOVIC) and concept.

How does Sven manage the balancing act between Feanor and Wizard?

To this day it has never been a problem. If you talk about things and are well organized, that shouldn’t be a problem in the future either. I think it’s all a question of organization. Working with Gustavo and the boys was great fun for me. The songwriting with David was also terrific and another good experience in my life. Now we’re all looking ahead and hope that we’ll soon be able to kick asses live again.

How are you all actually after a show with all your tracks? How long do you need to regenerate?

Totally dry and empty. But one of the things we like the most after a gig, is to meet the people and have a beer with everyone. We don`t rush to the hotel, we stay around and that feedback from the audience fills our batteries again. It is impressive, all of that nice and positive vibes inmediatley insuflate in us, the power we need. It´s an amazing feeling and the reason why we play music.

A few words to the fans who definitely can’t wait to hear you live. Are there any plans about a streaming Event?

We don`t like the streaming arena, for the same reasons explained before. We need the hand to hand contact, we need to drink some beers with the fans and receive that love and warm from the people. Otherwise the whole point is missed. For us the metal experience can`t be lived in his full shape trought a screen.

How is it to you to stay in contact with your fans via social media in these pandemic times and to find out what the mood is like in the fans‘ camp?

People can reach out to us in facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, youtube, you name it… nowadays all major media outlets have feanorian presence, so yes, we are always active in social media and in touch with people from all over the world. And you have people totally against forced lockdowns and strict quarentines and people on the other side of the road.

How did you as deal with the restrictions in the meantime?  How much does it restricted you in your working life?

Again, two sides of the coin, in one hand it gave me oportunity to stay home and enjoy my kids and wife, I am a kids person so I really love to be with them. But in the professional side it totally fucked me up, plans and projects totally screwed up, incomings and projections to the trash can. People without a financial safety net are having a really challenging time here in southamerica, I guess is more or less the same in developed countries, but I can guarantee you that we took the blow in the chin really hard.

How have you spent your Free time under Covid 19 so far?

I practice Taekwondo. Martial arts are a good way to stay focus, and of course music. I play a lot, specially piano, actually I am playing more piano than bass, my daugther is in the music conservatory for piano and my boy for traverse flute, so as you can imagine, a lot of music is flowing around the house every day. So I play music, compose new Feanor songs, try to keep in shape training hard and of course pound the old lady quiet often as a true metalhead does.

If you could privately go to a concert in this, sorry for the expression, shitty corona pandemic, which one would it be?

Actually past week I went to a concert with my Feanor guys (Emiliano and Walter) is a different experience, in tables and with safe distance.

I don`t like ¨Private¨ things, for me, the metal experience is getting together with your friends. Have some beers, buy some merchandise, get yourself fucked up with the band that you love and coming back home all tired remembering the good times you had. A private concert is really a washed out thing, I prefer to wait for the real deal instead of having one of those.

Is Heavy Metal and the Subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to Pause and just listen?

Of course, I come from a humble background, my father and mom fought really hard to gave me an education and my normal day for the 99% of my life started at 6 am until at least 12 pm. So, having metal music was a milestone for me, otherwise I simply would`nt be able to stand the reality I had to face. I have found in metal music the means and way to escape from this world and simply dream out or use it as a powerplant to harness energy and face my daily challenges.

Wich Subgenres do you listen to?

I am really traditional, all classics, meaning Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Maiden, Accept, and so on. Then of course Manowar and others like Running Wild, old Scanner, Helloween, Gamma Ray. I enjoy some epic bands like Wotan, Doomsword, Domine, Attack, and some hard rock music from the 80`s, the Frontiers bands sort of saying.

Then I really enjoy classical music, spanish guitar flamenco maestros and opera.

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

I love soccer, played it a lot and still doing from time to time. I love going to the stadium and, again, the experience of it. Then as I`ve told you, I practice martial arts. I never took any drugs, i don`t smoke, i strongly believe on mind, body and spirit. I consider myself a quiet spiritual person and I try to teach my kids about the values of carring out a good and authentic life of honour and respect. I love reading and l love of course music and cooking, I am quiet passionate with the things I love. Cultural things always woke my interest but being electronic engineer, I also love high tech related stuff. I am updated with all NASA missions and general science discoverings.

Speaking of Tolkien’s books earlier, what did you think of the films?

Is very difficult to pass from one media to another, the books were intended to be assimilated on a certain way that a movie simply can`t follow, it doesn`t work that way, of course movies will always represent something different becase the way of expression demands to be that way. I like them, and I tend to be bening with the liberties they`ve took.

Do you have a “guilty pleasure“, something that you hide from others because they don’t believe it anyway? For example, I like to watch Trash TV every now and then, just to switch off my mind and relax.


Not really, I am pretty transparent with the things I do and like and after travelling so much and getting to know so many people of different nationalities, different beliefs and different backgrounds. I have learned to live and let live. I don`t point my fingers to anyone about things that can or can`t be done. If you like to do something not quiet tight to the ¨metal standards¨ to be honest I don`t give a single fuck.

You can do whatever you like meanwhile you dont fuck other people. For example… I have a friend that is a HUGE Manowar fan, and can you believe that the fucker also loves BRITNEY FUCKING SPEARS? Yes, he does and TO THE BONE! So, I know it can be a difficult pill to swallow but I love the guy and I accept him and everyone that thinks or enjoy things that I dont. It is a real challenge to be such open minded, and I have discovered that many times, people that have high regards of themselfs as ¨Open minded¨ are the first ones to slam the door in your face when you think something that doesn’t matches their political standards. Fuck that.

If I have the opportunity to come to Argentina, which beer do I have to try?

I love the ANDES Roja, Ipa and Rubia and also I like the Patagonia amber lager and the Quilmes Stout.

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

I have been several times there, is an amazing country. My family from my mom`s side is german (actually my mom and aunts speaks german) so I have the utmost respect for GERMANY, your culture, roots and ways are something that needs to be kept and is a beacon for the rest of the world. Real metal stays alive and well in there, one of my biggest dreams is to be able, one day, to play for all of you, and as I`ve told you before, I would love after playing, simply hang out, beer in between,  with so many great friends and fans FEANOR has in there.

I have played live with Ross The Boss the 6 Manowar albums top to bottom, then had the chance to play with David the entire Triumph Of Steel, top to bottom, dreams are reacheable and can become true, this new album is just another step into that direction and I know that the proud and tall german brothers of metal will be by FEANOR side.

Finally I want to say thanks to you Tobi, you have big balls and a great heart of steel, being in your condition and putting your chest to receive the bullets as you do, makes the rest of us to feel really small. I honestly say thanks man, for your dedication, hard work, believe and for showing us how childish we are, when we complain about our daily shits while you are outhere like a man filled with courage and hope, fighting the world the way you do.

Thanks for the interview Gus. Many greetings to all from the Band.  Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and good luck for the Release of your Album „Power Of The Chosen One“!

Feanor sind:
Sven D’Anna | Vocals
David „The Shred Demon“ Shankle | 6/7 Strings Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar
Walter „The Scorpion“ Hernandez | Electric Guitar
Gustavo Feanor Acosta | Acoustic Bass, 4/5 Strings Bass, Oud, Piano, Bouzouki
Emiliano Wachs | Drums

Photos by Sebastian Japas

Vielen Dank fürs lesen des Interviews. Ich hoffe, es hat euch auch soviel Spaß gemacht wie mir und eventuell habt ihr ja das gleiche gespürt wie ich – das große Herz von Gus, dass für True Metal schlägt!

Bleibt gesund! Bis zum nächsten Artikel!