„As Everything Unfolds im Interview“


As Everything Unfolds sind eine britische Post-Hardcore Band aus High Wycombe. Seit der Veröffentlichung ihrer EP „Closure“ Ende 2018, konnte der 6er weit über 1.000.000 Streams einfahren und sich stetig weiterentwickeln.

Die Band besteht aus Frontfrau Charlie Rolfe, den Gitarristen Adam Kerr und Owen Hill, Bassist George Hunt, Keyboarder Jon Cassidy und Schlagzeuger Jamie Gowers.

Metal and Me

As Everything Unfolds


First of all, I want to ask you how are you doing right now?

I’m doing great man thank you, at least as great as I can with a worldwide pandemic blocking my ability to go to Wagamama´s.

And how are you when you think about March 26th, 2021?

Nervous! I mean excited really, but I think there’s a lot of expectations for us to meet with this album; from both the fans and the critics alike, it’ll be interesting to see the reaction!

‘Hiding From Myself“ was the first single from your Debutalbum.  Why this song?

We thought it was a great song to bridge the gap between the old sound; and the new more mature, more refined sound. It’s got the modern rock chorus; a djenty-flavoured verse, basically two breakdowns, and a melodic clean section. By accident I think this song is a great showcase for all the elements that make up an AEU song.

What can we expect from your new album?

A lot of highs and a lot of lows. This album isn’t afraid to pull the punches when it needs but hold them back when it’s uncalled for. Like a box of celebrations there’s something for everyone but only those who dare achieve will appreciate it all.

What is the main difference between „Within Each Lies The Other“ and the previous EP?

I think Maturity is what really separates this album from the EP. Both in songwriting and production it feels like the sound has really stepped up from where it was.

The new tracks are powerful, emotional, angry and sad.  How long did you write to them and how long did it take for them to sit.

It was very much a mixed bag of tracks, some of them almost seemed to write themselves whilst others took a lot of refinement to get them sounding how we wanted. We’re quite a feely band, in the sense that we usually know as we write if a song’s feeling good to us or not. The ones that don’t sit right usually end up DOA.

Funnily enough ‘Wallow’ was actually one of the ones that wasn’t sitting right to everyone at the beginning, luckily that one didn’t end up on the cutting room floor!

Do you have a song that you particularly like on „Within Each Lies The Other“?

Yes! ‘On The Inside’ is my all time favourite, not just to listen to but also to play. I had been sitting on the riff for a while unable to marry it to a song, i’m so happy it managed to be on this album.

The Cover-Artwork is really nice. From who was the Idea?

Thank you! That was all Charlie’s idea brought to life by the lovely Abi of Flowers & Bones, I wish i could take credit for it because I think it looks great.

What inspired you to Songs like „Take Me There“ or the „Hiding From Myself“? Was it purely personal experience?

Yeah they were both purely personal experience. We rarely if ever have a predetermined destination for our tracks, we like to let them ebb and flow into what feels good for the song. Let our underlying influences mould the songs as we go.

How is it to you to stay in contact with your fans via social media in these pandemic times and to find out what the mood is like in the fans‘ camp?

We’re very active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can always find us there! We also have a Discord we love hanging out on for a more personal approach.

How did you deal with the restrictions in the meantime?  How much does it restricted you in your working life?

Honestly with the UK on lockdown at the minute it’s completely turned my working life on it’s head. Both of my day jobs have been forced to shut which was a real shock to the system at the beginning, 60-70 hour weeks reduced to nothing overnight.

A few words to the fans who definitely can’t wait to hear you live. Are there any plans about a streaming Event?

Yes. No. Maybe. That information is classified.

How have you spent your time under Covid 19 so far?

I have spent so much time gaming it’s unbelievable haha. I’ve also had a lot of time to write a lot more music in preparation for our next release; which has honestly been a nice change of pace, as opposed to the starting a song at 1am after you get home from work routine i was used to.

If you could privately go to a concert in this, sorry for the expression, shitty corona year, which one would it be?

That’s a hard one; maybe Pale Waves as I’m dying to hear Easy live, but also I’ll be damned if I miss seeing a private Rod Stewart concert.

Is Heavy Metal and the Subgenres also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to Pause and just listen?

Yes but definitely more so previously. I feel as i’ve gotten older and being in a band has become more full time, i’m listening to a lot more classic rock and old school R&B bangers. The running joke in the band at the minute is that my music taste is more akin to a wedding DJ haha.

Which Subgenres do you listen to?

Basically everything. I know that gets thrown around a lot, but literally everything. On a scale of Ne-Yo to Behemoth, the only thing I don’t really like is Country but then again i like Carrie Underwood so i suppose that’s not true either.

A small selection would be; Gymnopedie No.1 by Erik Satie, Dream House by Deafheaven, For My People by Joey Bada$$, Touch and Go by Intervals and Doomsday by Architects

Get away from the music a little. What about hobbies?

Cooking is my second love after music. I love food so much, honestly if i wasn’t in music that’s what i would be doing right now. Maybe a restaurant sometime in the future, who knows.

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany and all the Others in the World?

We love you and miss you so much! We can’t wait to be back out on the road when it’s safe again and hope we can share so many good times with you. Keep your head up, I know the world is a weird place right now but it’ll all be over soon. Stay strong and we’ll see you at the next show so we can celebrate together.

Thanks you! I wish much success with your upcoming Albumrelease! Stay heavy and healthy!

Album und Merch 🙂

As Everything Unfolds sind:
Charlie Rolfe – Gesang
Adam Kerr – Gitarre
Owen Hill – Gitarre
George Hunt – Bass
Jon Cassidy – Keyboard
Jamie Gowers – Schlagzeug

Photos by Long Branch Records