“Mason Hill im Interview”


Mason Hill aus Glasgow werden in ihrer Heimat bereits seit einiger Zeit hoch gehandelt und für einige sind sie sogar die Hoffnungsträger des UK Rock! Wenn man sich die erste Single „Against The Wall“  anhört, kann man das auch gut nachvollziehen.  

Mason Hill aus Glasgow sind wie viele Rockbands den sehr langen, steinigen und schmerzvollen Weg gegangen bis sie die Beachtung fanden ,die sie sich so lange erhofften. Mit „Against The Wall“ veröffentlicht die junge schottische Band im kommenden März endlich ihr Debütalbum.

Heute sind sie bei mir im Metal and Me Interview, genauer gesagt hat James, der an der Lead Gitarre für guten Sound sorgt, meine Fragen beantwortet. Viel Spaß beim lesen!

Metal and Me

Mason Hill – James

How excited are you, when you realize that the release is coming closer?

Very Excited! It’s been a long time coming, we are super excited for people to finally hear it and have a full album from Mason Hill to showcase what we are.

„Against The Wall“ Was my first track that I heard from you and it rocked a lot. Why did you release the title track as the first track

Very glad to hear that you like it! I think the reason we chose this as the first track is because after many years of being a band with only 1 EP, it seemed like a good example of where our sound is today so we wanted to get that across. It’s also always cool to start and album off with its title.

You asked the fans on Facebook which is the favorite track on Against the Wall“!  How is it with you guys?  What are your favorites?

We love the whole album of course, but a few of our favourites aside from the singles include ‘We Pray’, ‘Where I Belong’, ‘No Regret’, ‘Out Of Reach’ and ‘Who We Are’.

The album was written before the pandemic.  What do you think?  Which song would best fit the situation in which we (have to) live today?

That’s correct yes the album was finished pre-pandemic and some of the songs actually happen to really fit with the current situation we all face. Songs like ‘Who We Are’ where the message behind it is for us all to be positive and together moving in an upward direction sums up what we are all essentially trying to do in order to get through this virus.

The new tracks are powerful.  How long did you write to them and how long did it take for them to sit.

Thank you so much we are really quite proud of this album! Some of the songs have been around with us for quite some time, ‘Where I Belong’ for example is actually on the EP however it has seen a couple new changes and improvements. Other songs like DNA and We Pray which were some of the latest songs to be written really didn’t take that long its more just the fact that we tend to sit listening and scrutinising over and over to find ways to improve it until we are happy with it.

You have had a pretty moving band history so far and have gone your way. What would you advise other young bands to do?

I think the best thing to do is go with what you believe to be the correct way. If ever something doesn’t feel right then you need to believe that it’s because things maybe aren’t. First and foremost having a solid band and a solid team is essential, everything else will sort its self out.


How did the idea for the cover of “Against The Wall” come about?

It was Scott who suggested maybe we try and get our own mascot for the band like an emoji of some kind! Through that initial idea it sparked us to create a face which eventually turned into our angry crossed mouth which symbolises being unable to speak of or do what we wanted to do at the time! hence being ‘Against The Wall’. We also wanted it to be bright and colourful so that if you were in a store or roaming online it would be impossible to miss it!
Since then the cover has kind of stuck and we’ve turned the face into a bit of a mascot for the band!

Do you think a tour can take place in the near future?

Tours will 100% come back! When that day may come we can’t be sure at the moment but they will almost certainly come back as soon as this pandemic is over. We’ll be out there gigging as much as possible when it’s safe to do so.

How about a streaming Concert Event?

Yeah it’s definitely something we’ve been looking into! We do actually have a stream taking place the week our debut album comes out although it is a home gig. The five of us, all from remote locations have put together a live performance of a few of the songs off the album which you will be able to find on our social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. Just head over to our pages to be sure not to miss it.

How have you spent your time under Covid 19 so far?

We’ve been consistently trying to find ways to be creative with the situation and maintain a productivity. Not the easiest from a lockdown situation however it has been fun and a very time consuming task. We’ve been creating acoustic versions/footage of the songs and preparing all sorts of other content to stay active. Aside from that, alcohol has been a constant feature! haha

If you could privately go to a concert in this, sorry for the expression, shitty corona year, which one would it be?

I’d love to be back at a festival! Maybe download festival or Rock AM Ring to experience the amazing atmosphere again being amongst like minded music fans with the huge wall of noise coming out of the PA whilst supping on some beers with the band, friends and family! I personally can’t wait for that to be possible once again,

What was your best experience so far in the history of the band?

To be honest there have been so many amazing experiences we’ve found ourselves in since being in this band so it’s very hard to choose just one! But I will try. One of my favourite experiences is the first time we sold out a show in our hometown of Glasgow! It was just such a joy to know that our music is starting to pick up and people are enjoying what we do so to have our first ever sold out show a few years ago will always be a fond memory which encourages me and the guys to keep going!

How important is social media to you at the moment?  Do you often check how your Fans are doing?

Social media is absolutely crucial at the moment, Without that I’m not sure how we and many many bands like us would be able to stay active during times like this where we cannot get out there to gig.
I appreciate many fans out there aren’t fans of the social media world but in this day and age it truly has saved us grassroots groups when it comes down to instant connection between us and the fans.

Is Hardrock also a means for you to switch off everything in this hectic world, to pause and just listen?

Yeah well for sure since finishing the debut album and then landing into covid 19 lockdown we have listened to the album so many times haha! Not being able to go to gigs also means we found ourselves on Youtube a lot or the internet in general finding and listening to music of all kinds.

Which Hobbies do you have in your free Time?

Me personally I have been taking up a lot of cooking and DIY since lockdown! Usually music consumes my life but with extra time at home it’s been good to do other things! Scott our singer loves to game and has a twitch channel, our bassist Matthew just recently got a new puppy so he is now consumed by that!

A few words to your Fans out there in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all the Others in the World?

Thank you first of all for the interview and thank you to the fans out there who have giving us so much amazing support. To anyone new just discovering us we hope you enjoy our music, you can find videos and content on your social media channels so do go and follow us on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to catch what we’re up to.
Stay safe everyone!

Thanks for the interview ☺. Something that is important to me: Stay healthy and heavy!

Mason Hill sind:
Scott Taylor (lead vocals)
James Bird (lead guitar)
Marc Montgomery (guitar)
Matthew Ward (bass)
Craig McFetridge (drums)

Photos by Michael Bruce