„Holy Mother im Interview“


„Holy Mother“ feiert nach 17 Jahren im Jahr 2020 ihre Reunion und releasen die Single „Wake Up Amercia“ und „Love Is Dead“ aus ihrem, am 22.01.2020 erscheinendem, neuen Album „Face This Burn“. Ich werde das Album rezensieren und habe mit Mike Tirelli über das neue Werk gesprochen. Danke Mike und euch viel Spass beim lesen.

Metal and Me

Mike Tirelli

Hi Mike.  My name is Tobi.  Thank you for taking the time to aanswer me a few questions.  I run a Facebook page and a Webblog.  On these pages I post reviews of current albums, interviews, Band presentations and reports about concerts that I visit with a wheelchair.  On the one hand, to tell other wheelchair users how the venue is equipped in terms of accessibility and, on the other hand, how best to proceed to get tickets, because this is usually not possible with conventional ticket portals.  Of course, I also rate the bands‘ performance.  Today I have a few questions for you, including  to the album „Face This Burn“

 The first question,: How are you doing right now?

I am doing quite well Tobias thank you for asking.

„Wake Up America?“ Was my first track that I heard from you and it sparked a lot.  How much do you miss the respect for other people and for nature in our society?

Wake Up America is a song about unity.  HOLY MOTHER as a band does not take sides politically. We believe controversies that politics and polititians create among people are out of control and divides friends and families.  And that is something we don’t like.

The new tracks are powerful.  How long did you write to them and how long did it take for them to sit.

Most of the tracks on the new album were written over the past two years. I was able to get most of the writing, recording and production finished during the lockdown due to the pandemic.

 How did the idea for the cover of “Holy Mother” come about?

In the past we used Eric Felipe for Holy Mother’s album artwork, who is an exceptional artist. But this time we decided to go with Anthony ‘Toneman’ Bell.  Jim and  I had an idea of ‘the head’,  presented it to Toneman, and he created the new album cover artwork for Face This Burn.

It was easy to read that one of the reasons for your reunion was the great appreciation of your fans.  How often have you been contacted by fans asking if there might be a reunion?

We’ve always appreciated the loyalty and commitment of  HOLY MOTHER fans.  I’ve been active in other bands like Riot and Messiahs kiss, and it allowed me to keep in contact with the fans over the years.

Numerous guest musicians are represented on your new album, how did the contact come about and were everyone immediately ready to work on the album?

There are numerous guest musicians that are featured on this new album. All of whom are great friends of mine.  Mickey James did the pre-production for the song No Death Reborn, and he also helped me arrange the song Superstar.  He played keys on that one too, and also some guitar.  I also had my bass player from Messiah’s Kiss, Wayne Banks, play bass guitar on Today and No Death Reborn along with his brother Jason Banks who played rhythm guitar on those two songs as well.  Another friend of mine by the name of John Perry played a guitar solo on the song Today.  But,  my most special guest musician is my daughter Violet Tirelli, who sang background vocals in the choruses of No Death Reborn and Wake Up America. She also added some special effects on Face This Burn and Legends.

 “Legends”, “Mesmerized By Hate” and “The River” are my personal favorites on the record right now.  Will you tell me and the readers a little bit about the songs?

The song Legends is about a war hero who comes home after war and is haunted by his traumatic memories, basically battling post traumatic stress disorder.  The song Mesmerized By Hate is about a personal experience of mine, where I was the victim of a Ponzi Scheme.  I believed in a group of people and their investment strategies, but I ended up losing a lot of money.  And they ended up going to prison.  The River is a song that represents the opposite of tranquility.  Different street gangs and how tough you have to be to be accepted to run with these dangerous and law breaking gangs. In the chorus, The River is the drug that is injected into their veins and flows through their whole body and soul making them addicted to danger.

 Generally there are very clear messages behind your songs.  How much do they contain personal experiences?

Most of HOLY MOTHER songs do not have clear messages behind them. We try to write songs that can be interpreted by every listener in their own way . As I mentioned before Mesmerized By Hate was a personal experience, and a very traumatizing one indeed, and I must admit with all these world events and social media we can easily be persuaded to write songs about current events and situations.  

 „Wake Up America“ ​​was the first single from „Face This Burn“.  Why this song?

Wake up America was our first choice because of the obvious. We wanted the world to wake up and realize that our nation and the whole world needs to bond together and bring peace and happiness before it’s too late. No matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, we all have to be responsible to bring back as much unity as we can in the world.  Stop listening to most news media and social media that has been brainwashing our society and especially our youth.

What is the difference between this album and your albums from the 90s?

The difference between HOLY MOTHER now and HOLY MOTHER from the 90s is first of all the experience that myself and Jim have gained over the years. I’ve played with many other bands since then. I’ve played other styles of music and I’ve learned by just doing it. I studied different aspects of writing and recording and most importantly singing. Also the production of this album has come to a new level. We worked with famed producer Kane Churko. Kane mixed, mastered and co-produced the album. You would know Kane from his work with such bands as Papa Roach, Five Dinger Death Punch, Disturbed, In This Moment, Bad Wolves, just to name a few.   He works along side of his very famed father, Kevin Churko.

Mike Tirelli | Lead Vocals
Greg Giordano | Gitarren, Bass
James Harris | Drums, Backing Vocals

Aktuelles Line-up
Mike Tirelli | Lead Vocals
Greg Giordano | Gitarren
Russell Pzutto | Bass
James Harris | Drums, Backing Vocals
Photo by Janet Tirelli

 Which of the new songs is your favorite?

The crazy thing about this whole album is I do not have one song that is a favorite. Every time I listen to a song from the album, that song seems to become my favorite for that day.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the writing and the production of all the songs on this album, and will enjoy each and every song forever.

What are the things that inspire you the most when you work on your songs?

The things that inspire me most when I’m writing and working on a song is definitely the groove. I hear the drums in my head and the guitar riff.  That is what sparks my desire to write.

How important is it for you to stay in touch with your fans via social media during this time and to find out what the mood is like.

I think it’s very important to stay in touch with my fans for obvious reasons.   They support me and without them there would be no HOLY MOTHER.  There are times when we get feedback from the fans about how they’re feeling and most of the time they’re  commenting on how they’re enjoying our music. And that’s just a great feeling to have as an artist.

How much did the pandemic limit your work on the album and everything that goes with it?

The pandemic strangely worked to my advantage.  It did not limit my progress or any work I needed to do in order to complete this new album. It actually allowed me to be more focused and able to get more work done due to the many restrictions of the lockdown.  I was especially able to focus on song arrangements and production, and refine my writing.  But I started this album before the pandemic, so I had somewhat of a head start.  I constantly write and record song ideas so I had a library of songs that were stored in the vault.

A tour is currently not possible.  Have you already planned gigs or thought about how concerts could be made possible?

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, there are no planned gigs as of now. But we are working with manager Danny Stanton of Collier Entertainment, who also manages Dee Snider.  We plan on booking tours and festivals to support the new album as soon as things open up. We are also planning a live stream show after the album gets released in late January.

Do you have a stream concert in the near future, or do you only want to perform in front of an audience?

If I was allowed to attend the concert now,  I would have to say I would love to see Rammstein again. That was easily one of the best shows I’ve seen in many years. Not only was I impressed by the how they performed and sounded, but the pyrotechnics were out of this world and not like any other band.

If you were allowed to attend a concert now, which artist would you go to?

If I was allowed to attend the concert now,  I would have to say I would love to see Rammstein again. That was easily one of the best shows I’ve seen in many years. Not only was I impressed by the how they performed and sounded, but the pyrotechnics were out of this world and not like any other band.

 Get away from the music a little.  What about hobbies?

When I’m not writing and playing music, I like to spend time with my 12 year old daughter, and my wonderful family and friends.  Also my beautiful wife and I like to play tennis together and also workout at the gym. I watch a lot of baseball starting in the spring and ends in the fall and I hardly miss any New York Mets game.

How did you spend the holidays in 2020?

I will spend the holidays in 2020 with my immediate family.

Finally, a few sentences from you guys to the metalheads out there 

I’d like to say to all metalheads who are out there all over the world who support music like heavy metal and rock and most of all HOLY MOTHER,  thank you and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you again. There will be live music again! Stay heavy!

Thank you for the interview.  Something that is important to me: have happy holidays, a successful 2021 and stay stable.  Good luck with the album!